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Canada: Alberta Government Is Lifting Restrictions For Temporary Foreign Workers! Check Here!

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Alberta’s government is removing limitations on recruiting new temporary foreign employees as of May 1, 2022, to assist employers in meeting their work demands.

They said,”  We will eliminate all jobs from the refusal to process’ list involving several food service-based positions such as chefs and cooks, which was established to prioritize work for jobless Albertans because of the epidemic.”

It will benefit sectors of the Alberta economy that are facing labor shortages and are having difficulty filling job vacancies with Canadian workers.

Employers will now be permitted to hire temporary foreign employees for all jobs. This change also corresponds with the Government of Canada’s recent news to relax laws on access to temporary foreign employees.

These modifications apply to all pending Labour Market Impact Assessment applications involving those submitted before May 1.

When did the Alberta Government Implement Restrictions On TFW?

On June 29, 2020, the Alberta government announced plans to limit the number of temporary foreign workers in the territory, and the program was finalized on November 2, 2020.

The Government of Alberta added 475 vocations to the “Refusal to Process List” on November 2, 2020.

It has grown to such proportions that the Alberta government has selected just those occupations that are immune from the limitations. Processing will be limited to jobs on Alberta’s “Processing Exemption List.”

Services By TFW (Temporary Foreign Workers) Advisory Office

The Alberta TFW Advisory Office assists temporary foreign workers, international students, and employers in understanding their rights and resolving instances involving unfair, hazardous, or unhealthy workplace conditions.

Services offered by TFW Advisory Office:

  • Replying to complaints, inquiries, and queries
  • Evaluating accusations of abuse and referring them to the appropriate authorities
  • Assisting temporary foreign employees in completing applications for open work permits like the Vulnerable Worker Open Work Permit
  • Collaborating with agencies to create safe, equitable, and healthy workplaces
  • Assisting temporary foreign workers in finding available resources
  • Organizing information workshops for temporary foreign employees, international students (with work permission), employers, and other partners
  • Assisting customers in comprehending their rights and obligations while working and staying in Alberta
  • The TFW Advisory Office provides online training to temporary foreign workers, students, and businesses.

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