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CAN Pathways is a strategic partner of Canadian employers for finding assessing and recruiting qualified in Canada and Overseas worker on LMIA to work in Canada. We provide our services to companies across Western Canada – British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan in Foreign Worker Immigration and Recruitment.

We have been connecting job seekers with exciting job opportunities in Canada. Our team is dedicated to matching applicants with Canadian Employers and guiding them to lawfully immigrate and settle in Canada. 

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Here are some of the occupations of clients

  • Administrative Support
  • Agronomists
  • Architects
  • Auto Technicians
  • Bricklayers
  • Cabinet Installers
  • Cabinet Makers
  • Care Attendants
  • Carpenters
  • Cement Finishers
  • Chefs
  • Chemical Engineers
  • Construction Labourers
  • Cooks
  • Counsellors
  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Electricians
  • IT Professionals
  • Electro-Mechanical Technicians
  • Engineers
  • Equipment
  • Operators
  • Farm and Livestock
  • Workers
  • Farm Managers
  • Farm Workers
  • Financial Analysts
  • Flooring Installers
  • Food Service
  • General Labourers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Healthcare
  • Professionals
  • Heavy Duty
  • Mechanics
  • Hospitality
  • Landscaping Workers
  • Machinists
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Millwrights
  • Nurses
  • Painters and Decorators
  • Pipe Fitters
  • Plasterers
  • Plumbers
  • Power linemen
  • Project Managers
  • Roofers
  • Sales Representatives
  • Surveyors
  • Tilers
  • Truck Drivers
  • Welders

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