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Canada Immigration Is Easy and Hassle-Free Only if You Get It Done Correctly And Properly

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  • Canada is in desperate need of immigration. 
  • Canada is facing a demographic crisis, and only immigrants hold the key to resolving it.
  • Are you a skilled worker? Then Canada is the place for you.

These headlines create the impression that any competent worker has an open invitation to join and reside in Canada.

And immigration service providers motivated only by financial gain will promote Canadian immigration as a simple 1-2-3 procedure in which merely applying qualifies you for an Invitation to Apply.

However, this is not how Canada’s immigration system works. It is a sophisticated and time-consuming procedure with several moving elements. Canada is committed to identifying and choosing only the most qualified immigrants to benefit its economy and society.

Millions, if not tens of millions, of skilled workers, businessmen, startup founders, and students seek entry and permanent residence in Canada. And you are in direct competition with them.

Therefore, it is time to look beyond the fundamental eligibility requirements and concentrate on how to enhance your chances of qualifying for a study visa, work permit, or ITA for Canadian permanent residence.

And if you need proof, consider that the six-month program giving permanent residency to temporary employees terminated on November 5, leaving 14,000 of the 20,000 visas available to healthcare professionals unused.

So, what are your options if you are a skilled worker, student, businessman, or founder of a startup?

Professional Guidance Is Beneficial

Immigrating to Canada involves simply filling out documents and paying the application cost. You must choose the correct NOC code for your current and previous positions, and your roles and responsibilities must correspond to those mentioned in the code.

Additionally, the reference statements from your current and previous companies must align with the NOC code you have chosen. Entering the incorrect code will result in your application being denied even if you meet all qualifying conditions.

Apart from interpreting the legislation and determining how the laws apply to you, an immigration specialist may also assist you with properly finalizing your documentation. Any immigration or work visa application involves a great deal of documentation.

You must provide documentation demonstrating your job experience, language fluency, and educational credentials, which may include Education Credential Assessments for foreign degrees.

Additionally, you must provide verifiable evidence of settlement cash, a clean criminal record, good health and fitness, and a positive LMIA, if applicable to your application.

These papers must be legitimate, implying that you cannot depend on an old document created years ago unless the regulations specifically state that it is valid.

Never, Never, Never Submit Incorrect Information

This specific point cannot be overstated. If you are not yet qualified for a work visa or permanent residency, you should concentrate on obtaining them.

Consider the following: Believing that you can inflate your job experience or conceal your ailments by providing false information is a dumb mistake.

You must provide the correct information in your immigration application, including all supporting documentation.

Submitting incorrect information or attempting to circumvent the rules does not work. At the very least, your application will be refused. At worst, you may be convicted of attempting to defraud immigration authorities, thereby ending your ambition of traveling to Canada and residing in the nation.

Even one mistake is too many.

Expect immigration officials to be unforgiving and tolerant when dealing with mistakes. You may be rejected if you believe you do not need to submit the medical test results of your family members simply because they will not accompany you to Canada.

Reference letters that are not properly formatted and do not contain the relevant information can also be a deal-breaker.

Any Licensed Canadian Immigration Consultant or immigration attorney will tell you that there is just one method to immigrate to Canada: to get every detail and submission correct at all times.

Choose the Right Professional

If you want to deal with an RCIC or an immigration attorney, it is critical to choose the correct specialist.

The simplest approach to determine whether you are dealing with a genuine Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) or immigration lawyer is to verify that they are permitted by the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants or are a member of a province or territory law society.

You may also research identifying fake Canadian immigration websites and other important information to ensure that you do not add to the difficult process of coming to Canada.

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