Quebec adds jobs to the LMIA process list in 2022! Check Here!

LMIA process list 2022

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Quebec has amended the list of high-demand professions for which the process of employing temporary foreign employees is streamlined.

Employers in the rest of Canada must follow a different method than those in Quebec if they wish to hire skilled foreign employees.

Employers in Quebec who hire temporary foreign workers for certain targeted occupations can take advantage of a procedure that waives some of the requirements typically required by the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) procedure,  promoting the position or conducting other recruitment efforts.

Employers who wish to engage a foreign worker under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) must ordinarily get an LMIA; a certificate is proving that no Canadian candidate was qualified for the post.

Typically, on February 24 of every year, the Quebec Ministry of Immigration examines the list of jobs eligible for the Streamlined LMIA procedure and releases a new version depending on the current demands of the labor market. Quebec has published two changes since announcing this year’s list, which is unusual.

In the most recent update, dated May 27, approximately sixty vocations were added to the 2022-2023 occupations list. The newly added titles for level C of the National Occupational Classification are different sorts of machine operators, office employees, administrative personnel, sales representatives, employees in the restaurant, tourist, and entertainment industries, and drivers.

Both federal and provincial authorities must authorize applications for the streamlined LMIA process. Employers that intend to engage foreign employees must thus submit application forms and accompanying documentation to both Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) and the Ministry of Immigration, Citizenship, and Integration (MIFI).

Introduced new procedures to expedite the arrival of foreign employees into Quebec.

Quebec is presently accepting fewer immigrants than it has in years. Simultaneously, the province’s unemployment rate, including immigrants, has never been lower.

The population is aging, and the fertility rate is falling. The consequent demographic shifts affect businesses’ capacity to locate qualified candidates.

In response, the Quebec government has made efforts to simplify firms to fill open positions by streamlining the hiring process and shortening the processing time for immigration applications under various schemes.

It involves a recent deal between the Quebec Immigration Ministry and the federal government of Canada that permits Quebec firms to recruit up to 20% of temporary foreign employees per workplace. Previously, this amount was established at 10%.

In addition, a new initiative known as International Mobility Program Plus (IMP+) has just been introduced to expedite the entry into Quebec of foreign workers chosen by Quebec. They have not yet gained permanent residency but fulfill labor demands.

Every year, more than 7,000 provincially-selected skilled workers may be eligible to earn an open work permit and begin working in Quebec while awaiting permanent residency.
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