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At the height of the epidemic, employees faced the scary prospect of millions of job losses. That scenario has been entirely reversed.

Employers face a severe skills shortage, even though demand has increased as the world reopens after the epidemic. How can you leverage this circumstance to further your career as a skilled worker seeking work in Canada?

Know About Canada’s Employment and Hiring Market

It is a mistake to believe that the increase in demand for qualified workers is temporary and that the situation will revert to normal. The last pandemic, which occurred in the 1920s, also resulted in huge changes to the worldwide labor market.

Therefore, avoid underselling yourself and accepting a low compensation while having in-demand abilities just because you misread the circumstance.

According to surveys, over 25% of Canadian employees intend to change jobs in the first half of 2022. Additionally, around 60% of these individuals want a raise in salary in conjunction with the transfer.

While headlines may emphasize rising hiring activity, the reality is that the hiring growth rate is substantially slower than that of the rest of the globe.

Additionally, the idea that most openings are in low-wage temp positions is not entirely accurate. In a study of 4200 companies and employees in Canada, four out of ten startup firms reported losing competent personnel to other employers. The key reason for talented jobs switching to a higher-paying position.

How Can You Get a High-Paying Job in Canada?

While a great deal is dependent on your qualifications, work experience, and other subjective variables, there are certain elements to consider while looking for a high-paying job in Canada.

Monitor the Data

Keep an eye out for data from research and polls conducted by hiring organizations and recruitment firms. By 2021, skilled individuals in sales, marketing, and product-related sectors will have increased by around 38%.

A survey of 42 firms created by a Toronto-based incubator revealed that wage expectations were the key cause for nearly 60% of companies’ recruiting failures.

When you combine publicly accessible median salary data for occupations with median wages indicated for individual positions on government websites, you can quickly arrive at a base wage number based on a particular post’s educational and work experience criteria.

Once you have this amount, you may evaluate your strengths and limitations and choose how to substantiate your request for a better income.

If you hold a Post-Graduation Work Permit, the employer automatically saves money and time by not going through the procedure of obtaining a favorable Labor Market Impact Assessment.

Utilizing such criteria may be more successful than bargaining to get a better income and waiting for the employer to accede to your desire.

Work with Experts

Numerous employees believe that immigration counseling services are only necessary while seeking permanent residency in Canada. If you are a skilled worker, you must qualify for and apply for a work permit in Canada.

If you are not eligible for the International Mobility Program, you must apply through the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. You may qualify for two-week processing through the Global Talent Stream, but only an expert can explain the distinctions between the two choices.

Apart from work permit requirements, an immigration attorney with expertise advising and assisting tens of thousands of qualified employees obtaining work permits across Canada may also assist you with your employment hunt.

If you are serious about working and living in Canada, you must approach the entire process holistically, beginning with the job search and concluding with your transfer to permanent residency.

Whether you want a skilled worker visa, PR visa, or work visa, CAN Pathways is the one-stop solution for all your needs! So, book a consultation now!



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