Not Qualified for Canada Immigration? Here Is The Strategy to Help You Fulfill your Canadian Dream

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How Canada’s scoring system facilitates immigration for the appropriate candidates while making it more difficult for the wrong candidates.

Why is Canada now the most popular location for qualified professionals and international students? A critical aspect is its merit-based immigration system.

Therefore, if you choose to study, work, or move to Canada, you must first understand the country’s immigration system and then customize your immigration strategy appropriately.

Why do some individuals easily qualify for an ITA and become permanent residents directly? And others remain in the Express Entry pool for months or even years without reaching the required CRS score?

This issue emerges mostly due to Canada’s points-based immigration system, making it extremely simple for the appropriate candidate to immigrate and extremely difficult for the incorrect applicant.

Therefore, if you have difficulty in immigration, the best approach would be to concentrate on techniques to become the ideal applicant.

Know-How the Points Grid Works

A glance at the Comprehensive Ranking System points grid discloses how your immigration possibilities are connected to your age, educational credentials, language competency, and Canadian knowledge.

An individual with a 1-year degree or diploma obtains 84 out of 140 points in the CRS criterion. If you own a Masters’s degree, your score climbs to 126 points.

The ordinary CLB 5 language proficiency will bring 6 points, whereas CLB 10 or higher means you obtain 32 points, which is a pretty big boost.

Canadian work experience helps increase your score, but this does not imply foreign work experience doesn’t matter. If you have language skills of CLB 7 or above and have more than three years of experience, you receive 25 points more than anyone with a lower score on language skills.

The 50-200 point rise through employment offer and 600 point spike through provincial nomination capture all the focus. However, these small elements can enhance your CRS score and increase your chances of gaining an ITA if combined properly.

Hope is Not a Tactics

Simply anticipating that there will be a major draw for FSWP candidates once normal resumes and even expecting another big CEC draw is not a tactic.

To achieve your immigration dream happen reality, you should have a defined route leading to your aim.

Consultation with a Professional Is Always Beneficial

If you are a professional, you are presumably well aware of the benefits of working with an immigration specialist and the risks associated with self-application.

In the absence of sufficient points to qualify for an ITA, you may feel you have no choice except to wait for minimal CRS scores in draws to fall. That, however, is not a viable plan.

You must be proactive in enhancing your immigration chances, which entails identifying areas of weakness and making efforts to address them. Qualifying for an ITA may be as simple as improving your language skills or selecting the appropriate province.

Employing the services of an immigration specialist is a smart and worthwhile investment that may significantly improve your prospects of coming to and settling in Canada.

So, what are you waiting for?

Book a consultation today with CAN pathways and make your Canadian dreams true!


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