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Canada To Deport 700 Indian Students As Visa Documents Found To Be Fake

Canada To Deport 700 Indian Students

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Canadian authorities have reportedly asked over 700 Indian students to return to India in a unique case of fake admissions. Media reports suggest that these students produced counterfeit ‘admission offer letters’ to gain entry into Canada for studies. The issue came to light during a Canadian Border Security Agency investigation when these students applied for permanent residency after finishing their studies. 

The reports indicate that 700 students had applied for study visas through Education Migration Services in Jalandhar, a visa service agency run by Brijesh Mishra. Mishra charged the students around ₹16 lacks to cover all expenses in Canada, including admission fees to institutes. However, the expenses for air tickets and security deposits were excluded.

Students who applied for study visas with the help of Mishra and went to Canada to study in 2018-19 came under the Canadian authorities’ radar. Chaman Singh Batth, one of the students asked to return to India, stated that around 700 students applied for study visas through Education Migration Services led by Brijesh Mishra from 2018 to 2022. 

However, when Batth and the other students arrived in Canada, the visa agent called them and informed them about the cancellation of their admission to the college. Later, they were asked to wait for six months to be admitted to another college.

Despite the claims made by the students, CBSA officers were unable to prove Mishra’s involvement in compiling and organizing fake documents. The discrepancies in the false documents came to light when the students applied for permanent residency in Canada, and the offer letters for Canadian universities came under the CBSA scanner. The investigation into the documents proved them to be fake. Notably, these documents were also the basis on which the Indian students received their visas to Canada.

The fraud may not have come to light had the students not applied for permanent residency. The authorities revealed that most of these students had completed their studies and gained work experience. This education fraud is unprecedented in Canada, and one of the main reasons for such fraud could be the large number of applicants to Canada.

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As we can see, since Canada is a popular higher-education destination, Indian students must apply for study visas. Sometimes they may have to face problems, as in the case of Brijesh Mishra. 
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