Extension of Special Immigration Measures for Iranian Nationals in Canada as Temporary Residents

Canada as Temporary Residents

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Canada has declared its intention to prolong the special provisions established for Iranian temporary residents within its borders.

Initially introduced in February 2023 to provide assistance to Iranians residing in Canada amid upheaval in Iran, the measures were scheduled to conclude last week. However, they are now set to expire on February 28, 2025. The IRCC has extended them, citing ongoing instability in Iran despite the waning of protests.

Upon their initial announcement, the Canadian government outlined that the special measures:

  • Facilitate the process for individuals in Canada on temporary work, study, or visitor visas to apply for extensions from within Canada.
  • Prioritize applications from Iranians residing in Canada.
  • Introduce a new pathway for Iranians already residing in Canada to obtain an open work permit.
  • Waive specific processing fees for Iranians seeking to extend their stay in Canada.
  • Waive passport and permanent resident travel document fees for Canadian citizens and permanent residents currently in Iran who wish to depart.
  • Exempt Iranian applicants in Canada from paying processing fees for a temporary resident permit, application processing fees for extending authorization to remain in Canada as a temporary resident, and biometric collection fees.
  • Eligible applicants must hold valid Iranian passports and temporary resident status both at the time of application and decision-making.

“Introduction of an Open Work Permit Pathway for Iranians in Canada”

Qualified Iranian nationals have the opportunity to seek an open work permit, enabling them to work across various industries in Canada without restrictions on their employer.

Additionally, they can explore new temporary resident pathways, such as transitioning from a visitor visa to a study permit, without incurring any fees. Should one visa or permit expire while awaiting a decision on a new stream, they will be deemed to have maintained their status.

“Iran: Leading Source Country for Canadian Citizens”

Canada emerges as a sought-after destination for Iranians, with statistics from the Institute for Canadian Citizenship indicating that Iranians ranked fifth among the highest number of newcomers who attained Canadian citizenship between January and September 2023.

Moreover, figures from the IRCC reveal that by the conclusion of 2023, there were 14,780 Iranian nationals holding Canadian study permits and 10,670 individuals with permanent resident status.

Moreover, according to IRCC data, in 2022, Iran held the eighth position among the leading source countries for immigrant landings in Canada. Notably, 11,105 Iranians were granted permanent resident status during that year.


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