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Part-time jobs opportunities that one could consider in Canada

Part time jobs opportunities

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International students in Canada can work part-time, which helps them meet some of their educational and living expenses. In addition, it allows them to get essential Canadian job experience that will benefit their future careers.

A holder of a Canadian study permit may work a maximum of 20 hours per week. However, students enrolled in challenging or intensive courses may choose to work fewer hours, up to 12 hours per week, to avoid interrupting their studies.

Students are paid hourly for their part-time employment. The average hourly wage is approximately $10. After completing six months of study, a student must get an off-campus work permit to work part-time off campus.

The top part-time employment opportunities 

The opportunity to work part-time is a blessing for so many international students, as it enables them to afford their studies overseas. Since you cannot commit to working full-time, it would be ideal if you could select part-time jobs with higher compensation and flexible hours.

Some part-time employment offers great flexibility, allowing you to determine your work schedule. Moreover, part-time employment allows you to gain valuable work experience while still in college.

These are some of the top part-time jobs for international students in Canada:

Teacher’s assistant

Numerous teachers and professors in Canada employ teacher’s assistants to help them with various responsibilities, including tutoring students, developing lesson plans, maintaining paperwork, and keeping track of student grades. Students with at least one year of university or college experience and organizational abilities may find it simpler to obtain employment as teacher’s assistants.


Typically, students work as servers and bartenders because the working hours are flexible. Typically, work will be performed on weeknights and weekends. Although the hourly income is low, they may receive important tips from customers. 

Earnings are entirely dependent on the business, working hours, and day. Typically, bartenders and servers receive between $75 and $200 in tips per night.


If you enjoy working in a pleasant atmosphere, there is no better option than a coffee shop. Flexible working hours are an extra benefit to a reasonable salary.

Uber driver

In Canada, driving for Uber has become a common part-time profession for international students. To become an Uber driver, a student must be at least 21 years old and have a car and a smartphone. The most beneficial times to work are early in the morning, in the evening, and on the weekends. 


If you are interested in particular subjects and have a passion for teaching, tutoring is the ideal part-time employment. You may opt to educate kids from the elementary school level through the university/college level. You may teach independently or as part of a tutoring program. Tutoring allows you to practice your existing skills and learn new ones.


If you enjoy being around children and have experience caring for them, nannying is a terrific alternative for you as a part-time job. The duties of a nanny may include picking up children from school, accompanying them at home, preparing their meals, and putting them to sleep, among others. 

Dog Walker

Are you a dog lover? Imagine how fantastic it would be to be paid for spending time with dogs! A dog can require between 30 and 60 minutes of walking time. You may also provide pet-sitting services if the owner plans to be absent for specific days.


In addition to their education, a student can work as a freelance writer, web designer, graphic designer, or any other professional freelance work. Some freelancing tasks pay exceptionally well.


Translating could be an excellent skill for you to pursue if you can speak, read, and write in multiple languages. You can work alone or provide your services to an organization.


The salesperson position is ideal if you are skilled at communicating with and convincing others. Additionally, working as a salesperson may help you acquire different talents. 

However, your income may be entirely dependent on where you work. Some sales positions are commission-based, giving you greater influence over your income. You can earn more money if you sell more.


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