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Best ways to get PR in Canada for International Students

Best ways to get PR

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Every Indian student’s goal is to immigrate to Canada as a permanent resident after completing their degree. Surprisingly, the Canadian government also assists qualifying students in settling in Canada. Yes, it’s true.

This is because the Canadian economy relies greatly on the contributions of immigrants. International students are good candidates for immigration to Canada since they are young,  bring major investment, and help alleviate the country’s labor crisis.

Several immigration programs need Canadian work experience in addition to Canadian higher education qualifications, although some require Canadian higher education credentials.

To assist international students in gaining Canadian job experience, the Canadian government allows them to remain in the country for up to three years with a Post-Graduation Work Permit. With relevant work experience gained during the PGWP, international students can seek permanent residency.

Numerous immigration programs are available for application. Several factors will influence your decision, including:

  • Your educational qualifications
  • Length of your employment experience in Canada
  • The type of employment experience you have
  • Where you are in Canada
  • The province in which you wish to seek permanent residency
  • Your language skills
  • Fees and processing times for Applications

Immigration Programs for international students in Canada

Express Entry

The Canadian federal government provides three immigration programs through Express Entry: the Canadian Experience Class, the Federal Skilled Worker Program, and the Federal Skilled Trades Program.

Under express entry, applicants submit their express entry pool applications online. Canada’s government sends candidates an invitation based on their Comprehensive Ranking.

The Canadian experience class is among the most demanded immigration programs available to international students. This program requires three years of Canadian work experience obtained within the past three years.

Provincial Nominee Program

The PNP is the preferred method by which Canadian provinces target individuals depending on their labor market needs. However, only the government of Canada has the authority to grant permanent resident status.

Applying for an immigration application under PNP is a two-step procedure; first, you apply to a province PNP program you wish to apply to, and if your application is accepted, you submit a second application to the federal government for your Canadian PR.

Here are some PNP streams for which international student graduates can apply.

Ontario: In Ontario, international students can choose between the master’s Graduate Stream and the Ph.D. Graduate Stream. For both of them, a job offer is not required.

British Columbia: International students have various choices for applying for PR in British Columbia, including the Express Entry British Columbia stream and the Skills Immigration Stream. An employment offer from an authorized employer must apply under this sub-stream. International students can apply to the BC International postgraduate category without a job offer.

Manitoba: International Education Stream is Manitoba’s designated stream for international students. Career Employment Pathway, Student Entrepreneur Pathway, and Graduate Internship Pathway are subcategories of this stream.

Saskatchewan: International graduates are eligible to apply for the student subcategory of the Saskatchewan experience category. This also requires a full-time work offer from a Saskatchewan firm.

New Brunswick: Eligible International graduates may apply for the New Brunswick Skilled Worker Stream. The stream is not intended for overseas students exclusively. However, they may apply provided they have completed at least one year of study at a province-recognized institution.

Nova Scotia: The International Graduate Entrepreneur Stream is available to international student graduates who have finished at least two years of study in this province.

Prince Edward Island: International students who are offered employment in Prince Edward Island can participate in the International Graduate Stream. The employment offer must correspond to the applicant’s field of study and be in a skilled profession.

Newfoundland and Labrador: In Newfoundland and Labrador, there are two categories for overseas students: International Graduate Category and International Graduate Entrepreneur Category. The International Graduate Category requires an employment offer from a business in Newfoundland and Labrador. Students who studied in the province and intended to operate a business are eligible for the International Graduate Entrepreneur Category.

Quebec: Similar to the federal government, Quebec has a skilled migration scheme through which qualified students can apply to the Quebec Experience Program. This program requires a job offer, employment experience, and French language proficiency.

Atlantic Immigration Pilot: Foreign students who have studied in Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, or New Brunswick are eligible to apply for permanent residency under the Atlantic International Graduate Program under the Atlantic Immigration Pilot. This curriculum requires no prior work experience.

Final Words

Indeed, studying in Canada provides international students with numerous immigration options. Please contact our Canada study visa specialists for more information on how to apply for a Canada study visa.


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