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How Canada Works To Support Newcomer Women On Their Journey

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In late March, the province of Ontario unveiled funding of $768,000 for the Canadian Council of Muslim Women (CCMW). The purpose of this funding is to assist in addressing employment barriers faced by women, particularly by focusing on enhancing recruitment, retention, and advancement in non-traditional and emerging economic sectors. The initiative is part of CCMW’s project titled “Addressing Barriers to Employment for Muslim Women.”

This investment aims to tackle women’s inequalities in Canada and emphasizes the importance of organizations throughout the country working towards eliminating obstacles for women. 

This is especially crucial for newcomer women in Canada, who face challenges in achieving fair representation within the Canadian workforce.

The following provides an overview of how Canada, both at the federal level through Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and at the provincial/territorial level, actively assists newcomer women upon their arrival in Canada.

RNWP Program

The Racialized Newcomer Women Pilot (RNWP) program aims to empower newcomer women in Canada by providing them with settlement services and support to enhance their employment outcomes and career advancement. This initiative creates equal and full participation opportunities for racialized newcomer women in the Canadian economy.

Federal Programs

At the federal level, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) offer various programs and services specifically designed for women immigrating to Canada. Two special programs are the Women at Risk (WAR) program, which is part of the Urgent Protection Program (UPP), and the Racialized Newcomer Women Pilot (RNWP) program.

WAR program 

The WAR program administered by IRCC assists women who require immediate protection or are in vulnerable situations without demonstrating settlement potential.

Please note that women participating in this program and their dependents must still meet all the necessary criteria for Canadian entry, including medical and security examinations, to receive assistance through the Urgent Protection Program (UPP).

British Columbia

  • Women’s Economic Council (Vancouver): A registered charity committed to advancing the participation of all women, especially those who face multiple systemic barriers, in building resilient and inclusive economies.
  • Umoja Operation Compassion Society (Surrey): A charitable organization that assists recent immigrants and refugees. They provide tailored programming to help newcomers with their daily lives and job search, focusing on supporting women.


  • Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association: This organization offers a wide range of programs to help immigrant women navigate their daily lives, find employment, access mentorship, and receive language training, among other valuable services.
  • Making Changes Employment Association of Alberta (Calgary): Committed to creating a safe space, this organization assists women in finding employment opportunities, aiming to advance their futures within the community.


  • International Women of Saskatoon – LEAD (Saskatoon): Providing employment and job search services, specialized language testing, settlement resources, and community engagement support, this organization offers a variety of programs and services for newcomer women in Saskatchewan.


  • Manitoba Start – Employment Solutions for Immigrants Inc. (Winnipeg): As an employment services agency, Manitoba Start helps immigrants find suitable employment and navigate their daily lives in Canada. They also offer programs specifically designed for women.


  • Access Alliance Multicultural Health & Community Services (Toronto): This organization is dedicated to improving the health outcomes of vulnerable immigrants and refugees by addressing systemic barriers and poverty.
  • Immigrant Women Services Ottawa: Focused on three primary areas—crisis intervention and counseling, interpretation, translation, and settlement and integration—this organization provides programs and services to support newcomer women in Ottawa.


  • Women’s Centre of Montreal: This organization assists recent newcomer women throughout the immigration process, offering services that facilitate settlement and integration through individual support and group activities.

Newfoundland and Labrador

  • Association for New Canadians (St. John’s): As a non-profit, community-based organization, they deliver comprehensive settlement and integration services to immigrants and refugees. These services include settlement information, language learning, skills development, and employment support.

Nova Scotia

  • YWCA Halifax: Operating as one of the 32 YWCA locations across Canada, YWCA Halifax focuses on promoting women’s leadership, health, and wellness, advancing economic and housing security, delivering quality early learning and childcare, and combating violence against women and girls.

Provincial/Territorial Services

Each province and territory in Canada offers comprehensive services through local organizations to assist newcomer women in various aspects of their lives as they settle in the country. 

These services range from day-to-day support to employment guidance, preparation for citizenship tests, and mentorship opportunities. Below are some organizations dedicated to serving Canadian newcomer women in each province and territory.

New Brunswick

  • Northwest Resource Centre for Newcomers Inc. (Edmundston): As a non-profit organization, its mission revolves around facilitating the social, economic, educational, and cultural integration of newcomers settling in the region. They offer resources, learning and mentoring services, networking, and support services to assist newcomer women.

Prince Edward Island

  • Immigrant & Refugee Services Association PEI Inc. (Charlottetown): This organization provides a range of services for Canadian newcomers, including language programs and assistance with employment search and integration.


  • Association franco-yukonnaise (Whitehorse): This French-language organization offers specialized services for newcomer women, assisting them in navigating daily life challenges and finding suitable employment opportunities.


  • Carrefour Nunavut (Iqaluit): This French-language organization caters to job seekers, new immigrants, current workers, and entrepreneurs. They provide a range of services tailored to the specific needs of newcomer women in areas such as daily life navigation and employment opportunities.

Northwest Territories

  • NWT Literacy Council (Yellowknife): As a not-for-profit and registered charitable organization, the NWT Literacy Council promotes and supports literacy and essential skills in all the official languages of the Northwest Territories.

For a more comprehensive list of newcomer women’s services in each province/territory (excluding Quebec), you can refer to the page provided by the Government of Canada.

These organizations provide essential support and resources to empower newcomer women in Canada, ensuring their successful settlement, integration, and economic participation.

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