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Benefits And Eligibility Criteria For Spousal Open Work Permit

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Canada provides an open work permit to international citizens awaiting a judgment on their application for inland spousal or common-law sponsorship.

The Spousal Open Work Permit (SOWP) program allows inland sponsorship candidates to work while their immigration application is being processed. Here are some major benefits of SOWP:

Work in Canada when waiting.

The SOWP enables spouse sponsorship candidates to live in Canada while their immigration application is being processed. It takes approximately 12 months for IRCC to finalize a spousal sponsorship application. During this time, the SOWP allows foreign citizens to work in Canada.

Work from anywhere and avoid the LMIA.

Unlike closed work permits, which restrict foreign nationals from working for a single business or a certain type of employment, open work permits enable holders to work for any company in Canada.

Additionally, firms that recruit SOWP holders are exempt from the requirement to obtain a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

Live with your partner.

Without the SOWP or another type of temporary status, candidates for spousal sponsorship would be required to finish the procedure outside of Canada. The SOWP enables couples to live under the same roof while processing their sponsorship application.

Get experience in Canada.

Obtaining Canadian job experience before becoming a permanent resident might assist you in advancing your career in Canada. If you are allowed permanent residency, you will have had some job experience. Numerous studies show that having more job experience in Canada increases your pay in the future.

Not just that, living in Canada allows you to connect, build important contacts, and, if necessary, enhance your language skills.

Eligibility Criteria For Spousal Open Work Permit

Inland sponsorship is available to spouses and common-law partners already residing in Canada. The foreign spouse must already be in Canada temporarily as a worker, student, or tourist.

Sponsorship applicants must fulfill the following standards to get a spousal open work permit:

  • Submit a PR application under the Spouse Common-Law Partner category;
  • Have a Canadian citizen or permanent resident spouse or common-law partner who has sponsored them;
  • reside at the same address as their sponsor;
  • Have valid temporary resident status in Canada or an authorized application for restoration status with permission to work.

Foreign spouses may apply for the open work visa concurrently with their application for permanent residence by spousal sponsorship or at any time.

Applicants who have already received a letter of approval for their permanent residence application may apply online for the SOWP.

Approval in principle indicates that the spouse or partner has obtained a letter from IRCC indicating that they fulfill the conditions for permanent residency but have not yet completed the health, security, and background checks.

The SOWP may be prolonged if no action on immigration is taken before it expires. Holders of SOWPs must apply to renew their permits before their expiration date.

If you qualify, receiving a SOWP might be a significant benefit. Not only can you live in Canada with your partner, but you can also work and begin establishing your career here.

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