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Why Canadian Immigration is a popular choice among Indians?

2 01 01

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It is no surprise that Indians are willing to apply for Canadian Immigration post-lockdown when the entire nation is under the pressure of scarcity of jobs and unreliable pay-cuts. Given the present state of India, post-lockdown there has been a steep surge of unemployment rates and salary cuts across the country. Being the largest economies in the world, the Canadian economy was least affected by the COVID-19 outbreak and there have not been any unemployment ratios, making it the perfect destination for immigrants across the globe.

The Canadian Immigration has discussed some fresh rules and regulations that ensure smooth and hassle-free immigration to Canada from India. But immigration programs Like Federal Skilled Worker Program, Provincial Nominee Program, and Family Sponsorship are the most common type of visas for immigrating to Canada.

  1. Federal Skilled worker program: It is the most popular and easiest under Canada’s Economic Class Program as it invites immigrants with the required skill set meeting up the requisite age, education, skills, work experience, and language abilities, to fill up the prevailing workforce shortage in the country. However, while applying, your profession must be listed on the National Occupations Classification (NOC) group, as it plays a major part in your total CRS score.
  2. Provincial Nominee Program (PNP): The selection of applicants is based on their age, skill set, education, and language proficiency and point of preferences; however, the rules are different for each province. Immigrants should also know that after a PNP is attained candidate has to stay in that province for at least 2 years before he settles or moves to a new location.
  3. Quebec Skilled Worker Program: If you plan to live in Quebec, there is a 2-stage process:
  • Evaluated on various factors like age, education, area of training, work experience, validated employment offer, etc.
  • You need to score a minimum of 50 points under the selection grid if you are migrating as a single applicant. And if your spouse accompanies you, you need to score at least 59 points to make the move-in.
  1. Atlantic Immigration Program: Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program is the biggest immigration plan amidst Canadian immigration. The main provinces participating in AIPP are- New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland and Labrador. By opting for this program, you can easily obtain the PR status if you fail to receive an ITA through Express Entry. Moreover, you need not pass a proficiency test; a normal CLB 4 would do the deed. There is more good news for Indians, where they can apply with skilled experience in NOC “C” occupation as well as there is no mandate for a professional education; as Canada’s Immigration services can easily comply with secondary education or occupation-specific training to fulfill the education criteria.


Well, we have conquered the main entry points for Indians that are exquisitely easy to apply with an amplified success rate that is sure to please you!

Now, the million-dollar question is where do most Indians settle in Canada with familiar sounds and voices? Let’s take a look at five of the most popular destinations for Indian immigrants moving to Canada.

  1. TORONTO (Canada’s economic engine): Given the sheer depth of the Indo-Canadian community in Toronto, it will be wrong of us to start with any other province; home to several top schools, universities, a multi-cultural melting pot is a favourite among Indians immigration to Canada. Despite being Canada’s economic engine, the cost of living is quite high, as the cost of 1 bedroom house is nearly $2,184. So, most of the Indian immigrants prefer living in the suburbs of Toronto, like GTA (Greater Toronto Area)
  2. The GTA (Greater Toronto Area): This is the heartland of Canada’s economic engine, filled with a quantum of manufacturing jobs, tech jobs. Brampton a city in GTA is home to several colleges is home to several Indian immigrants approximately 10 times of 123,000 populations. Some of the other cities that are populated with Indians in GTA are- Mississauga and Markham. The cost of living is much cheaper in these cities than in the heart of Toronto; a one-bedroom apartment costs $1, 542 per month in Brampton and Mississauga, it can be secured at $1,886 per month.
  3. VANCOUVER: Vancouver is famous for films and visual effects industry lines making it the perfect destination for highly skilled Indian graduates flocking from all parts of India, however, the cost of living and accommodation is not a cakewalk as a one-bedroom apartment in downtown Vancouver, can cost anywhere around $2,050 per month, while the price per square meter to buy a property is approximately $12,481! Vancouver is also home to indescribable beauty that welcomes a flock of Indian immigrants to British Columbia, a perfect-matched home, away from home.
  4. CALGARY: Do not confuse the locals and city spirit with double-denim, line dancing and cowboys. There is more to the story. The cost of living is cheaper than that of Vancouver and Toronto but a tad bit higher than that of Montreal, Atlantic Cities or Winnipeg. A one-bedroom apartment can cost you around $1,250 per month and a 3 bedroom apartment can comfortably cost you at $1,580 per month; perfect for a family. Calgary is a major draw for Indian immigrants with engineering, mining, or related backgrounds.
  5. EDMONTON: Like CALGARY, Edmonton has a lot to offer other than the harsh temperatures; an oil hub with ample opportunities in construction, engineering, and affiliating industries. Moreover, the cost of living is much cheaper than the above-mentioned cities, a one-bedroom apartment in the city’s downtown core will cost you around $1,200 per month, while the same property a little further out in the suburbs should set you back about $975 per month. Pretty Cheap ha? Do not forget it also offers the harshest temperature, especially people coming from India, could be a handful, as the average temperature could be around -11 degree celsius in January too!

Planning to move-in from India to Canada does not seem like a dream anymore as we are astounded immigration consultants have already listed the 4 best routes and the 5 best cities in Canada to immigrate.

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