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The WHATs and HOWs of the PNP program of the Canadian Immigration process


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The Canadian immigration program was started to invite several talented immigrants across the world as well as secretly and amicably improve the financial status of the Canadian economy which shows major change post-lockdown crisis.


What is the PNP Program?

The immigration Canada program is a powerful pathway to affirm Canadian PR visas which is very hard to attain. The PNPs permit territories and provinces to invite immigrants from all across the globe who seem to be the best fit for the nomination with the requisite documents, experience and expertise. However, Quebec and Nunavut is an exception to the PNP program; has other modes of immigration processes. The chosen immigrants must be interested to settle in a Canadian province or territory; provided they satisfied the criterion willingly!

Each PNP has a minimum of one immigration stream that is linked with the federal immigration selection system of Express Entry.

The nominations from provinces offered under these streams linked with Express Entry also known as enhanced nominations. These incur extra 600 CRS/ Comprehensive Ranking System points to the Express Entry. It effectively ensures an ITA for Canada PR Visa in the subsequent Express Entry draws.

What is the eligibility criterion of the PNP program?

You must have the minimum criterion required for the province’s non-Express Entry streams or must be nominated under that stream.

And if not received a nomination, you must contact the province directly.

What are the options available while filling up the application for the PNP program?

There are two main options available when filling an application through the PNP program:

  1. Paper-based process
  2. Express Entry System

Paper-based process:

The 1st step is to apply for the provincial or territory for nomination under the non-express entry stream. Supposedly, if you supposedly, your expertise fits the requisite province requirement, you can successfully apply for a Canadian visa.

You will now have to submit a paper application for your PR visa. However, the processing time is usually longer than through the Express Entry system; not suitable for people whose patience is not their best trait!

What are the steps in a PNP application for a PR visa?

  1. Apply in the province or region where you desire to settle.
  2. If your profile meets the eligibility criteria, you could be nominated by the province to apply for a PR visa.
  3. Apply for your PR visa after you are nominated by a province.

The criterion for evaluating the PR application varies from province to province.

What are the documents required for the Provincial Nominee Program?

  1. A valid passport and travel history
  2. Requisite educational credentials
  3. Professional credentials
  4. Valid Recent medical report
  5. Police clearance certificate
  6. Other supporting welfare documents

What are the prime traits of the Provincial Nominee Program?

  1. Easily fills on the vacancies present in provinces and territories with a requisite pool of expertise and talents; leading to no vacancies.
  2. A provincial nomination can help you in two ways to get your PR visa as well as get a PR visa directly to IRCC by adding 600 CRS points to your Express Entry application.
  3. A PNP cannot work without a possible reference; immigration to Canada will only work if the immigrants have some connection in the province or is been called by an employer by the same province or province for a job visa.
  4. These PNPs are helpful for immigrants all across the world. However, post-lockdown in many of the provinces one cannot find requisite vacancy because of the overwhelming shortcomings. So, keeping in mind, we have discussed the vital PNPs that are highly beneficial who are willing to immigrate to Canada.

What are the 3 best PNPs in Canada Immigration Process in the year 2020?

  1. SASKATCHEWAN Immigrant Nominee program: This program offers a wide range of occupations for an immigrant to apply and prosper. This immigration process is a breath of fresh air for immigrants who have failed in the Express Entry Canada.

This program is so equipped that it can provide a plethora of jobs for immigrants of all ages and even older people too.

Requisite Criteria

ü At least 1-year experience in any of the SASKATCHEWAN job vacancies

ü Must be qualified with a post-secondary level

ü Proficient in English or French

  1. Ontario Immigration Nominee Program (OINP)

This Ontarian province is a popular tech hub, is a go-to-go sector for several tech graduates, skilled workers and business owners to migrate to Canada. The OINP offers three streams that are aligned to the Express Entry program. So, an OINP provincial nomination under any of these programs will add 600 points to your CRS score. The OINP offers three streams that are aligned to the Express Entry program. So, an OINP provincial nomination under any of these programs will add 600 points to your CRS score. These are as follows:

  1. Human Capital Priorities Stream: Candidates must have a CRS score of 400 points or higher.
  2. French-Speaking Skilled Worker Stream: candidates who proficient in French ranging from intermediate to advanced levels.
  3. Skilled Trades Stream: candidates with experience of working in a trade-in Ontario.


  1. Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP):

The NSNP offers a plethora of options for skilled workers, entrepreneurs, international graduates and temporary foreign works wanting to settle down in Canada. The Nova Scotia Immigration Program is aligned with the Express Entry for Canada. Candidates with an active Express Entry profile are eligible to apply for this program. The NSNP offers two categories:

  1. Category A: Offers immigrants a job offer from an employer in this province. However, could be a challenge for applicants from outside Canada.
  2. Category B: There is no condition at all. The candidates are only required to have experience in any of the in-demand occupations in the province.

However, if you still feel that all the requisite details are too much to take in, we advise you to hire an immigration consultant, having full expertise in the Canadian immigration process.

How can we help you?

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