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Gone are the days when women were treated like “drains” who trailed their spouses with minimum qualifications had limited access to social programs, welfare assistance, housing and were subjected to low wages in comparison to men, even by working overtime. Canada has introduced fresh immigration plans and policies to avoid such social misconceptions and intrusions afflicting society negatively. Today’s women are strong, and the Canadian Immigration policy welcomes the female skilled population to start afresh in the lands of maple.


Surprising facts about Canadian opportunities

According to a recent report by, about 7 out of 249 companies have female CEOs. We know that the numbers are too little. But slowly and steadily women are breaking through the glass ceiling and while few heads up large corporations, a growing number are CEOs of smaller companies – often companies that they started too – as well as NGOs. Moreover, the average salary of a CEO is $147,469 a year. Whether, they have started their empire or climbed up the status ladder, with baby steps and after-all Canada is a country with a total population of 29.1% immigrants, giving ample scope to skilled women, all across the world.


Best Job opportunities for women Immigrants in Canada

  1. Medicine: Always wanted to be a doctor overseas? Well, there is more to the medicine line than to be a doctor. If you are worried, how to pay off your student loans, become a nurse practitioner, a great option perfectly dominated by women, and according to Neuvoo, the average annual salary is $92,631.
  2. Technology: This is another field, filled with aggression, ego and plenty of ideas and innovation for the upcoming generation to prosper, however, the Canadian govt has shown support and compassion to the female engineers willing to take their lead in opportunities like STEM organized by British Columbia. According to the study, British Columbia is leading the charge of women in STEM fields; STEM students in BC are most likely to have fellow female STEM classmates, while Ontario is the least likely to. So there are places, where women are given equal opportunities and the rest of the country is looking forward to the change of revolution.
  3. Business Opportunity: The Canadian government has taken a special interest in empowering those businesses run by female CEOs for gender parity and equivalence, providing them with a helping hand of 1.4billion over 3years from 2018-2020through the BDC and 200 million in investments to women-led technology over 5 years through the BDC’s Women in Technology Fund and 250 million to exporting companies through EDC (Export Development Canada) to support businesses that would contribute to innovation and the development of the Canadian economy.


A recent report according to statistical Canada states that there were 1,079,000 self-employed women in Canada in 2018, 60% of which were unincorporated companies with no employees.

Keeping given the active participation of women all across the world, Canadian immigration has introduced the start-up visa program to help immigrant-owned business owners and investors immigrate to Canada and get permanent residence.


How to immigrate to Canada as a business owner?

This is specially designed to invite women as well as men across the world seeking new prospects and also for an investor looking to immigrate to Canada from any part of the world to make it big; the start-up visa program will help you in future endeavours. The immigration Canada is looking forward to bring great business ventures to flourish on the lands of maple which further produces greater opportunities for Canadians to prosper. However, there are a few requisites needed to qualify to get a permanent residence through the start-up visa.

Business Requisites

  • A qualifying business
  • Letter of support from a designated organization
  • Meet language requirements(CLB 5 in English or French) and
  • Have enough money to start a new life in Canada.


If starting up a business is not your cup of tea, we have something for you that might excite you.

Are you one of those women who still seek a career in technology or a coding geek? So Canada has introduced a special program completely free known as Women in technology:


Women in Technology Program:

This program is free of a kind that helps newbies, interested in technology, to start a career in IT by building essential technological skills like programming, web development and of course coding. In addition to industry-specific technical training, the Women in Technology program will also provide women with an understanding of Canadian workplace culture, connections to employers, job search coaching and exclusive mentorship.

Program Components:

  • Academic training delivered by IBMSkillsBuild –an online platform
  • Skilled one-on-one support from an employment consultant
  • Job search and job development support, including resume and interview preparation
  • Referrals to job openings and connections to employers
  • Access to LinkedIn Learning Courses to help you build additional skills in the technology sector
  • Access to mentors and exclusive mentoring events
  • Business and workplace communication training in a Canadian context
  • Job retention support and report


The best part is there is no such program fee. Women in Technology program are funded through the TD Ready Commitment.


The Canadian govt., like any other govt. faced a steep decrease in the number of jobs during Feb 2020 and July 2020, especially for recent immigrant women. We all know there had been a 20% degrade in no job opportunities for women in Canada than Canada-born women. It decreased down to 2% in May and by July Canada gained 1.8 million jobs. If you are planning on one, we CAN Pathways the best immigration consultant, assures that this is the best time of the year to apply for a start-up visa program and also for targeting various provinces that offer women plenty of jobs in medicine, health sector and technology. There has been a recent uproar that the jobs in sales service and cashier units can face a steady recession and the health industry will be booming till 2024. The Canadian immigration process has surprisingly, has a cleaner level of immigration services, free from fraud and fake, saves you unwanted trauma and chaos.

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