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Beat the competition by finding jobs in Canadian Immigration but in the lowest liked cities

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The business barometer from the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) for October 2020 found that nearly 47% of small and large-scale businesses are toughly held back because of sparse skilled labour, which is 39% a year. Several business owners are finding it hard to fill out the large vacancies.

However, a skilled labour shortage means that Canada’s job situation is extraordinarily strong. However, a recent survey by a job site in Canada cited that the average length of time it takes to find a job in Canada is only a little shorter than it was during the height of the Great Recession a decade ago. 

We do not say that the job markets in Canada’s largest cities are doing not-so-well in the job market, but it is just the lower known cities have improved their performance in the job market. A mark of advice, the greatest job location is not those that people know about it but those places of Canada that are less under the radar and filled with job opportunities. So, we the great immigration consultant in the world have come up with a trademark solution for all the immigrants that will help you beat the competition.

10. London, Ont.:

A lower Canadian dollar has helped many of the businesses on the streets and in the upmarket to export more, making these export businesses a picturesque job venture for many across the world. Moreover, the construction industry in this part of the world is going quite strong, as the thickly populated part of the world never sleeps!

London is pivoting from being a manufacturing economy to a high-tech one, but auto plants and other factories still figure prominently. 

Jobless Rate: 5%

Recurring job growth: 3.2%

Ranking a year ago 23

9. Oshawa, Ont.:

Oshawa is home to the three best education centres in the world (making it a perfect fit for kids of all ages) with a high-class health care facility (for old age parents) and a busy home construction industry doing the heavy lifting on job growth, making it a perfect place if you plan on bringing your family along for a better and quality life. We all know, the city was badly hit with GM shut down, but what everyone could not see was Oshawa is nicely tucked with flourishing industries all around so it can easily withstand the hit due to General Motors Shutdown. 

Jobless Rate: 5.8%

Recurring job growth: 3.6%

Ranking a year ago- 13

8. Edmonton: 

Health care, education and public administration are big employers here, but the recent volatility in oil prices likely will not spare the city entirely, as its manufacturing and warehousing businesses rely on oil and gas. A recent survey shows that Edmonton’s job market has fared better than Calgary’s in recent years, largely because its economy is less directly reliant on oil. If you are looking for an entirely different space in the work sector, we would likely tell you that, Edmonton is your ideal place with large-scale pay-outs waiting!

Jobless Rate: 6.3%

Recurring job growth: 4.9%

Ranking a year ago- 28


7. Peterborough, Ont.:

Its once-thriving manufacturing base is long past its prime, but some of it remains. This small-town city is home to several health care units, education institutions and tourism figures prominently as well. This serene city is increasingly a “bedroom suburb” for commuters from Greater Toronto, because of the better-quality life it offers to bachelors, spinsters and family people.

Jobless Rate: 5.2%

Recurring job growth: 7.2%

Ranking a year ago- 20

6. Abbotsford BC:

Apart from being an exurb of Greater Vancouver, it has a greater economy of its own presumably in lumber, aerospace and the film and TV industry. It is also benefited from a housing boom that may or may not be on its last legs. The good point is the jobless rate of this part if Canada is less than 5%, makes it an ideal choice for immigrants to find plenty of jobs in the creative sector. 

Jobless Rate: 4.5%

Recurring job growth: 4.3%

Ranking a year ago- 17


This could be your new home for all the immigrants across the world as its economy has gotten a boost from shipbuilding contracts for the Canadian Navy, but it is also becoming a tech and start-up hub and its proximity to water and low-traffic jams are attracting people all over the world for a serene, upbringing quality life.

Jobless Rate: 5.7%

Recurring job growth: 5.1%

Ranking a year ago- 23

4. Kitchener-Waterloo Ont.: 

Does manufacturing, shipment jobs do not excite you? Are you a techie? Well, Kitchener-Waterloo Ont. is home to several tech jobs across the country, but not quite a known name among immigrants. The less known fact is this place has a long legacy with being called a tech hub of Canada for years. In recent years, it has become a popular destination for Torontonians looking to set up shop in a more affordable housing market. Now, let’s have a look at the stats:

Jobless Rate: 5.1%

Recurring job growth: 4.8%

Ranking a year ago- 16

3. Kelowna BC: 

Want to start up your business or you are trying to find a job in Canada? This part of Canada has all of it, the spread of wealth is worth mentioning that will give a new boost to your career’s embankments.

Like most southern Ontario cities, the B.C. interior has benefitted from the spread of wealth from Vancouver. Kelowna’s economy has also seen a booming tech sector that has grown at an average of 15 percent per year in recent years. 

Jobless Rate: 3.3%

Recurring job growth: 0.4%

Ranking a year ago- 2

2. SASKATOON: Do not get bummed with the reports thrashing SASKATOON due to the weakness in the oil and gas sector. This place has been nicely supported by the manufacturing unit, combined with solid population growth adding up to 5.4% new job last year only. Let us have a quick look at its stats:

Jobless Rate: 5.6%

Recurring job growth: 5.4%

Ranking a year ago- 20

1. GUELPH, Ont.: It has an extraordinarily strong manufacturing unit that has made the Torontonians thrive from all over the world to live here, hence adding up the overall unemployment rate to 2-3%. However, you could check the recent reports and know that is the best pick among other Canadian places to find a throng of jobs.


Jobless Rate: 2.3%

Recurring job growth: 0.8%

Ranking a year ago- 21


Final Verdict

With an all-time low unemployment rate, Canada the land of maple is home to several immigrants looking for work. It is the perfect place to live and get old. Vancouver and Montreal are the best places on earth to stay but these places that we have mentioned will give you a better place with less monstrous traffic and low living costs that will add up to your savings. Moreover, immigration Canada has re-edited its policies so that immigrants do not face an issue while applying.

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