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Canadian Immigration Policies: A ray of fresh hope for unskilled workers

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Planning to start a fresh life in the best part of the world is a bright idea. But what if you are lying low on your skills? Are your plans, are going to be shattered? Of course; not. Canada has plans to invite 400,000 immigrants across the world in 2021. Well, there is a thick chance that you might get your 1st work permit to work in an economically well-stabilized country known for diverse cultures and welcoming nature of people when you lack the expertise and experience of a skilled worker or professional degree.


Myths circulating the Canadian Immigration policies

There is no such rule that there are easier cities and tougher cities in Canada where entry could be super-easy or difficult. You can only enter a region if they have a vacancy and you have the exact criteria as they have mentioned on their website. If a province thinks you are a “right fit”-you have the exact skills and experience as per the requisite need of the region so that you can easily fit into the local markets. However, if you are applying for Quebec or Nunavut, there are no such provisions of PNP but there are other plans and policies that will help you to enter this part of Canada.

What happens when you are poor at your skills?

No worries, there are thousands of jobs in the food sector, manufacturing, hospitality, health, education facilities, transportation, logistics, industrial butchers, etc for category C and for category D some of the best examples are – fruit pickers, cleaning staff and oil field workers. What’s more their earnings are also quite high.

High paying salaries are not just confined to qualified professionals. We would like you to know that there are many professions that will make you rich in no time. We the greatest immigration consultants have listed out the top-rated jobs for unskilled workers:

  1. Butchers, meat cutters, and fishmongers
  2. Transport Truck Drivers
  3. Agricultural service contractors
  4. General Farm workers
  5. Nursery and greenhouse workers
  6. Fish and sea food plant workers
  7. Food & Beverage and associated products/processing
  8. Fish/sea food processing
  9. Industry butchers and meat cutters, poultry preparers and related departments and work

The salaries are so also spiked up post-lockdown. A recent survey shows an average person working in these above-mentioned industries can earn handsomely, approx. $77,093 per year!

However, depending on the province and the current employment rate, the salary can vary. So here is the list of ten most in-demand unskilled jobs and the average salaries:

Occupation Average salary per Year
1.      Truck Drivers $45, 825–$77, 903
2.      Industrial Butchers $38,123–$45, 045
3.      Farm Supervisor $35, 939–$49, 286
4.      Fishmonger $29, 250–$44, 850
5.      Farm Worker $27, 300–$47, 610
6.      Nursery & Greenhouse Workers $27, 300–$29, 450
7.      Harvesting Laborer $27, 300–$27, 650


8.      Fish and sea food worker $25,350 – $29,908
9.      Fish Plant Worker $25,350 – $29,908
10.  Food and beverage server $24,668 – $30,377


Best Places where unskilled workers are more in demand

You have already learnt that you need to be the right fit for a province to get settled in that province and earn a work permit. Now, is the time to know which places offer ample jobs for unskilled workers to increase your success rates?

1.      Hospitality Food and beverage bartenders
2.      Food Processing Butchers
Poultry production workers
Food and beverage processing labourers
3.      Metal Processing Metalworkers, labourers & machine operators
4.      Construction Labourers & helpers


  1. BC:
1.      Transportation Long haul truck driver
2.      Food Processing Fish Plant Workers &
Food and beverage processing labourers
3.      Hospitality Food and beverage bartenders, Food Counter Attendant/kitchen helper
Hotel front desk clerks
4.      Maintenance Janitor
Building Superintendents
light duty cleaners


1.      Transportation Long haul truck driver
2.      Food Processing Fish Plant Workers &
Food and beverage processing labourers
3.      Care Taker Home support worker
4.      Agriculture Farmworkers
Greenhouse worker
Harvesting Labourers
5.      Forestry Logging and forestry labourers
Poultry preparers


1.      Food Processing Butchers and
Food and beverage processing labourers


1.      Transportation Long haul truck driver
2.      Hospitality Food and beverage bartenders, Food Counter Attendant/kitchen helper
Hotel front desk clerks


Excerpts from the best Immigrant consultants in the world

  1. Truck Driver: The best way to enter as a truck driver is through PNP. However, certain provinces need truck drivers more than others, to recuperate more, they have specialized programs:
  • AINP(Alberta Provincial program)
  • OINP (Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program)
  • Atlantic Immigration pilot for temporary/immediate skilled programà Helps to gain valuable PR points and expertise
  1. Farm Workers: There are two ways by which you can work as a farmworker in Canada
  • Seasonal Agricultural Worker ProgramàAble to work in different farms when you plan to immigrate to Canada
  • Agri-Food Pilot You need the expertise to get a permanent job in it that also of 1 year
  1. Meat Processing: The best way to become a butcher or a fishmonger is by
  • Canada Immigration Express Entry
  • RINP
  • The Agri-Food Pilot
  • Atlantic Immigration pilot for temporary/immediate skilled program
  1. Food and Beverage Servers: There are top immigration policies are present:
  • Express entries linked with PNPs
  • RINP
  • Atlantic Immigration pilot for temporary/immediate skilled program

A work permit will allow you to work and live in a country and you need a Canada visitor visa to stay permanently in a country.

How can we help you?

We are one of the choicest immigrants consultants that could closely guide you until the immigration process is completed as it’s way too much to do on your own, which might cost your work permit.

For now, fill out the assessment test and rest all of the pre-requisite things will be nicely-guarded. For more informative blogs you could go through our resources for more.


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