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Hire A Foreign Empoyee

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Recruiting a foreign worker for your Canadian company may be the most effective approach to prevent the lack of skilled workers in the country from affecting your company’s long-term profitability.

Nonetheless, if you have never employed a foreign worker for your company, this procedure may appear quite hard.

May Canadian employers mistakenly think that recruiting a foreign worker is the same as recruiting a Canadian citizen, with the additions of LMIA and work permit procedures.

The LMIA and work permit process is crucial to recruiting a foreign worker. Nevertheless, you must take several preparation actions to ensure a smooth and trouble-free process for you and the worker.

Job Description

Creating a comprehensive and precise job description is likely the most crucial step in this procedure. The job description will serve as the basis for numerous crucial decisions made by various parties involved in hiring a foreign worker.

Based on the employment description and its responsibilities, the Immigration Officer will evaluate the candidate’s skills and qualifications.

Based on the job description shared with all applicants, it will be determined whether you have met the advertising requirements connected to an approved LMIA and whether you have also made a sincere effort to find the ideal individual within Canada.

The foreign worker will rely on the job description to determine if they are qualified; however, an unclear and general job description may make it more difficult to select the ideal candidate.


The employer is not engaged in the application procedure for a work visa. Nevertheless, the decision between the International Mobility Program and the Temporary Foreign Worker Program is crucial.

For the foreign worker to be eligible to enroll for the TFWP, you must receive and share a favorable Labor Market Impact Assessment from ESDC.

The LMIA process requires advertising the post in Canada, including the Canada Job Bank, and demonstrating that there are no qualified Canadian candidates.

The IMP, on the other side, does not require an LMIA, so you can promote the post for as long as you’d like and then proceed with the recruitment process.

Evaluating Candidate’s Suitability

How do you compare the qualifications of a Canadian student to those of an international student? How should a candidate’s language proficiency be evaluated? Do they have the fundamental abilities required for employment in Canada?

These are concerns that must be addressed while interviewing foreign applicants. Educational Credentials Assessment (ECA) is used by immigration officials to establish the Canadian equivalence of a foreign degree.

To determine a candidate’s Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) score, they must take an English or French language test.

Using Canadian occupational guidelines, the Test of Workplace Essential Skills (TOWES) to evaluate entry-level skills, and practical tests concentrating on your business’s specific needs will make assessing a foreign candidate’s competency simpler.

Work Permit Qualifications

The employer is not required to help the candidate obtain a work permit. However, you would like not to discover that the selected individual is not eligible for the work permit.

Therefore, it is advisable to collaborate with an immigration expert and evaluate the eligibility of the selected applicants for a Canadian work permit. This will prevent you from repeating the hiring process to find an applicant eligible to join and work in Canada.

Professional Immigration Assistance

Due to the complexity of the processes involved in the decision to hire a foreign worker, it would be wise to consult with an immigration company.

Have you selected an appropriate NOC code for the position? Are your job description and letter of offer compliant with regulatory obligations?

Have you complied with all TFWP laws and regulations for hiring a high-wage or low-wage skilled worker? Is your applicant eligible for the TFWP’s Global Talent Stream? Which exemption code or stream should you concentrate on under the IMP?

What compliance requirements apply once a foreign worker has entered Canada and begun working in your office?

As you can see, even the smallest procedural error or incorrect response to any of these questions might result in severe issues for your business. When employing a foreign employee for your business, competent immigration advice is the most suitable decision.

Book a consultation with us; our professional Canada Immigration team will help you find the best option possible!


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