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How to stay in status, if you have a not-so-working PGWP?

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The 1st question is what a PGWP is and why there are so many people looking for details of this subject matter. If Canada is on top of your immigration countries, then you would like to know that the Canadian govt. has renewed its policies in the wake of a pandemic to cut down hourly pay-cuts and too many unemployment statuses that are ruining the country’s repertoires!

What is a PGWP?

The post-graduate work permit is for international students who have completed their education from a Canadian Designated Learning Institution (DLI). In other words, these are open work permits that are applicable to grant foreign nationals the freedom to work for any employer in any part and province in Canada. It enables eligible graduates to gain precious Canadian work experience.

Why there is a sudden uproar of PGWP?

A recent survey has brought fresh numbers that state that around 60% of foreign nationals wanted to transform into a permanent resident of Canada. These people go for a skilled professional experience 1st and apply for the skilled Work immigration pathways. With the new rules at hand, Canadian immigration can directly process it for a permanent residency; if applied within 27th July 2021.

Though the Canadian employment market is still the brightest in the world, there are numbers that demark them and a good number of the brightest candidates have been laid off the radar! This is making it nearly impossible for the international students to meet for Canadian work experience requirement of the PGWP.

So PGWP is making rounds of immigration news channels for a reason! So, we, the greatest immigration consultants thought of detailing out every aspect of PGWP in perfect tune. The Canadian govt. has wisely taken up the decision in favour of foreign nationals and international students to renew their PGWP to prevent unnecessary hour cuts and unemployment among youngsters and common masses. This news came as a huge relief to many across the world. As a local estimation stated that there are 52,000 graduates staying in Canada with temporary status and not-so-working PGWP!! These people can easily benefit from this policy. In this regard, we would like to discuss a few things to keep in mind, before you start with the application to process:

Eligibility Criteria to Apply

  1. You need to be present in Canada
  2. Your PGWP is going to expire on 30th January or will be expired in another 4 months
  3. Your status of stay is temporary or you are trying to renew it

The application process is being extended till 27th July 2021.

When you renew your PGWP you have the following benefits:

  1. Work full-time
  2. Work Part-time
  3. Work Self Employed


Am I eligible for a PGWP program in 2021?

  1. Have a valid study permit
  2. Have a valid visitor record
  3. You have submitted your application form to extend your study permit and no decision has been made regarding the same
  4. You have applied for a study permit that has already been expired and no decision has been regarding the same

N.B.: Applicants can receive only one PGWP in their lifetime. To obtain one, you need to have a temporary status of your work permit with an eligible DLI.

Temporary Resident Visas for PGWP:

  1. From outside CANADA: If you are applying for PWGP from outside of Canada, a TRV is issued upon approval of the PGWP program
  2. From Inside Canada: A TRV is not issued upon approval of the PGWP program. An applicant needs to submit a fresh TRV application if their application is expired and they would like to travel outside Canada and return.

Electronic Travel Authorizations for PGWP applicants:

Applicants are issued eTAs for PGWP programs where nationals do not require a valid visa for Canada entry. However, Canada is eligible for an eTA through eTA expansion is also issued an eTA when it is approved and issued by the post-graduation work permit program.

If an eTA is issued with a post-graduation work permit for an eTA expansion client, and the client holds a valid TRV, the officer should not cancel the existing TRV. Until it expires, the client can continue to use the TRV to travel to Canada by air, land or sea.

Was your PGWP recently rejected? 

Yes, it is disheartening to hear that. However, that rejection can be the start of your game! This New Year you can apply for renewal within a period of 180 days till 27th July 2021. But if Canadian Immigration has rejected your application, there will be one or many reasons. We the greatest Canada immigration website that has detailed out some vital reasons; so that you do not commit the same mistake twice:

  1. If you have studied in a DLI for a temporary period or not included in the last semester
  2. Break-in studies due to external reasons likely due to teachers strike, switching schools or programs, citing personal reasons or a financial affair or did not clearly state the reason for break-in with IRCC disclosing the valid reason
  3. Applying with an expired study permit and not with an inclusive $200 restoration bill
  4. Outside of the 90days restoration period
  5. Final transcripts are not included when the degree is conferred
  6. Studied at a Canadian school but not affiliated by a DLI
  7. Unauthorized work experience (before school, after school for more than 20hours a week) that is strictly prohibited

Are you a PG graduate who is interested in the PGWP program 2021?

If so please contact CAN the immigration consultancy that will resolve issues and doubts regarding the PGWP program and the viable dates to apply. Our professionals have a wide experience in handling these and many kinds of cases with ease.

Wrapping up:

New Year could be so much fun with the new policies that have come up. The immigration policies are so lengthy that it can drive you into a frenzy. So, if you have any doubts and suggestions regarding PGWP you are free to contact us


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