The Ins and Outs of Express Entry: What You Need to Know?

What You Need to Know

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With over 100,000 new immigrants welcomed in 2021 alone, Canada remains one of the most popular destinations for those looking to make a new life abroad. For many hoping to immigrate, the first step is creating an Express Entry profile.

But can eager applicants better their chances by making more than one? Let’s review the rules around Express Entry profiles in Canada.

What is Express Entry?

You Only Get One Shot, according to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), applicants can only have one active Express Entry profile at a time. This singular profile rule is directly written into Canada’s immigration laws. IRCC confirms that duplicate profiles do not give applicants an advantage in being invited to apply as permanent residents.

The Express Entry pool uses the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) to score and rank candidates for coveted permanent residence invites. Points are awarded based on core factors like work experience, education, skills, and languages. Simply put, more profiles do not equal more points or better ranking.

Cleaning Up the Duplicate Dust

While the rules state applicants can only have one profile, IRCC recently identified an increasing trend of duplicate Express Entry profiles.

A January 2023 report revealed nearly 30,000 duplicate profiles linked to over 10,000 unique candidates. However, IRCC believes these duplicates are not necessarily signs of foul play. In fact, over half of the duplicates have sat inactive for months, hinting that applicants created multiple profiles and then abandoned the extras.

The largest spike in duplicates aligns with the November 2022 Express Entry updates requiring candidates to classify their work experience using the updated 2021 National Occupational Classification system. Many applicants likely created fresh profiles to input this new job data.

While IRCC determined duplicates are not currently undermining Express Entry integrity, the swelling numbers may soon warrant some housekeeping in the pool.

Three Ways In: Express Entry Eligibility Basics

To have your one-and-only ticket into the Express Entry pool, applicants must be eligible for one of three immigration programs:

Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) Considered the flagship pathway, the FSWP invites those with skilled work experience and strong language scores. Beyond one year of recent professional work, eligibility also requires:

  • Validation of English or French skills
  • An accepted educational credential and assessment
  • Minimum 67 points on the FSWP points grid

Canadian Experience Class (CEC) Tailored to students and foreign workers with existing ties, the CEC requires at least one year of professional work in Canada within the last three years. Solid language skills must also be proven.

Federal Skilled Trades Program This pathway facilitates permanent residence for qualified trade workers. Key criteria consists of:

  • A minimum of 24 months of recent skilled trade work experience
  • Meeting official requirements for a designated trade
  • A one-year Canadian job offer or a certificate of qualification

Key Takeaways: Play by the Rules

While duplication hasn’t undermined system integrity so far, don’t take chances. Follow the rules to succeed:

  • Only create/maintain one active Express Entry profile at any time. Additional profiles won’t boost your ranking or chances.
  • If you must replace your profile, discard older versions so only one stays active.
  • Keep your profile updated with accurate details to maximize scoring.
  • Check your language, education, and work creds to meet the latest eligibility and points grid norms.

The Bottom Line

While the ease of an online profile makes throwing your name in the pool tempting, Canada’s Express Entry system strictly allows just one active profile per applicant. Duplicate profiles provide no extra advantage and risk muddying up the ranking process.

Focus efforts on putting your best foot forward with a comprehensive and accurate single profile showcasing your credentials.To learn more book your consultation with experts today!


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