Express Entry Draw: Everything You Must Know Ahead Of July 2022

Express Entry Draw

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In July 2022, Express Entry draws for CEC, and Federal Skilled Worker Program candidates will restart.

On April 22, Canadian Immigration Minister Sean Fraser announced the news. Express Entry is the main method the Canadian government administers applications for skilled worker visas, so this is great news.

As a result of the pandemic’s beginning, IRCC application processing capability decreased significantly, and many policy changes were implemented, including a temporary halt to all Express Entry entries.

The FSWP had been Canada’s flagship and most famous and effective immigration system for more than half a century.

Canada admitted tens of thousands of skilled laborers from across the world annually through the FSWP based on the possibility that they would be able to settle themselves in the Canadian labor market effectively.

Canada has suspended invitation rounds under the program to decrease the number of applications gathering in processing centers as of December 2020.

Months ago, another large federal immigration system, the Canadian Experience Class (CEC), suffered a similar fate and has not held a draw until September 2021.

In light of Canada’s record-low unemployment rate, a high number of job openings, aging population, and low birth rate, reopening the country to eligible skilled people has become an increasingly urgent objective for the Canadian government.

“Because the economy is expanding faster than firms can hire new employees, Canada must consider all options to ensure it has the skills and labor required to drive its development,” stated Canada’s Immigration Minister Sean Fraser.

Express Entry is expected to regain its status as Canada’s principal method for luring overseas talent by July. In reality, the Canadian government will steadily expand the number of immigrants admitted annually through Express Entry to more than 110 000 by 2024.

Reasons for submitting your Express Entry profile early

Though July may look far away, there are various reasons to enroll your profile in the Express Entry pool as soon as possible. Here are the most important:

Be able to get an ITA by the beginning of July.

Preparing and completing your Express Entry profile will require considerable time. The sooner you begin preparing and collecting your documentation, the sooner you will be able to enter the Express Entry pool.

For instance, you may want information on travel paperwork, language exams, evaluations of academic credentials, etc.

You are more likely to have your documentation in place by July and be eligible to get an Invitation to Apply for permanent residency (PR) when drawings resume in July if you begin the procedure now.

Take benefit of the tie-breaking rule. 

Under the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) of Express Entry, individuals from across the world who wish to come to Canada receive points for various human capital criteria, including age, education, language, etc.

If candidates have the same number of points, IRCC considers the time and date of their pool entrance to break the tie. Therefore, the earlier you enter the pool, the greater your likelihood of being requested to apply in a draw.

Enjoy the perks of the PNP.

The Provincial Nominee Program is one of the major immigration routes in Canada. The program is intended to stimulate skilled worker immigration and enable settlement in provinces around the country. Initially, each Canadian province had its selection procedure.

However, since the advent of the Express Entry system, several provinces and territories have coordinated their immigration processes with the federal system.

When you submit a profile to the Express Entry pool and pick a province of your preference, you will receive two benefits: a straight Express Entry invitation and selection by the province of your selection.

Getting a provincial nomination will grant 600 points ahead of your CRS score. The improved score almost ensures that you will obtain an ITA for Canadian PR in the next round.


The previous two years, which the epidemic has highlighted, have presented significant obstacles for potential immigrants trying to enter Canada via the Express Entry program.

Now that the borders have reopened, Canada’s primary immigration path is only a few months away from complete resumption. The number of immigrants is likely to grow over the next several years.

This implies that potential immigrants may finally move forward with their immigration goals with great optimism.

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