Canada Ranked As 2nd Best Country In The World In 2023

Canada Ranked As 2nd Best Country

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According to the 2023 Best Countries ranking by U.S. News, Canada has claimed the second position worldwide this year, with Switzerland leading the pack as the best country in the world. Sweden, Australia, and the United States follow closely in the top five overall countries.

As per U.S. News, this second spot represents an improvement from Canada’s third-place ranking in 2022. U.S. News evaluated 10 distinct sub-categories to formulate these rankings, ranking the top 20 countries in each.

These individual rankings were then combined to determine the overall standings of 87 countries. Respondents were also surveyed to associate countries with various qualities across these ten sub-rankings, which included attributes like power, cultural influence, heritage, and social impact. 

The collective scores from these associations were employed to compile a comprehensive list of the world’s top countries alongside almost 100 other specialized rankings.

In this year’s assessment, Canada secured the second spot, surpassing Germany due to its exceptional performance in agility, as reported. Nevertheless, it still lags behind Switzerland, which holds the title of the best country in the world in 2023.

Canada also made its mark in three additional sub-rankings, securing a place in the top five, notably in quality of life. Furthermore, the country excelled by claiming the top position in various attributes, including racial equity.

On the other hand, Switzerland maintains its status as the best country globally for the second consecutive year and the sixth time overall. This small European nation showcased its economic prowess, particularly in the “Open for Business” subranking. 

Switzerland remains in the top 10 in four other sub-rankings while securing the first position in the attribute related to perceptions of a country’s safety.

Sweden has made a significant leap to the third spot, a notable improvement from its fifth-place ranking in 2022. Sweden’s remarkable performance includes securing the No. 1 position in two sub-rankings: social purpose and quality of life. 

Additionally, the country maintains a strong presence in the top 10 in three other sub rankings. Following Sweden, Australia has secured the fourth spot, marking a substantial improvement of three positions compared to the previous year’s rankings.

The rankings were established through a survey of more than 17,000 individuals from 36 countries, encompassing business leaders, college-educated individuals from middle-class or higher backgrounds, and “nationally representative” citizens from each country. 

The survey examined the following 10 sub-categories before determining the rankings:

  1. Entrepreneurship
  2. Quality of Life
  3. Social Purpose
  4. Cultural Influence
  5. Open for Business
  6. Adventure
  7. Power
  8. Heritage
  9. Agility
  10. Movers

Canada’s Rankings in 2023 – 10 Sub-Categories 

In the 2023 assessment by U.S. News, Canada earned a spot among the top five countries in four of the ten sub-categories.

  1. Entrepreneurship: Canada secured the 5th position, trailing the United States (U.S.), Germany, Japan, and the United Kingdom (U.K.).
  2. Quality of Life: Canada claimed the 3rd position, following Sweden and Norway.
  3. Social Purpose: In this category, Canada ranked 4th, with Sweden, Norway, and Finland ahead.
  4. Agility: Canada impressed by securing the 2nd position, outpaced only by the U.S.

U.S. News’ Social Purpose ranking gauges a country’s citizens’ ability to unite around essential causes, reflecting progressiveness, inclusivity, and commitment to social justice. The Agility ranking measures a country’s ability to adapt and respond to challenges, highlighting adaptability to change.

Canada’s Rankings in 2023 – “Best For” Countries 

Furthermore, the 2023 Best Countries list identifies the top 20 countries deemed the “Best For” various attributes and qualities. Among the 15 details evaluated by U.S. News, Canada ranked among the top seven countries in nine categories.

Canada received recognition as:

  • 2nd best country to start a career
  • 4th best country for education
  • 7th best country for studying abroad
  • 7th best country for raising kids
  • 2nd best country for racial equality
  • 6th best country for women
  • 6th best country for a comfortable retirement
  • 6th most transparent country
  • 2nd best country to headquarter a corporation

Interpreting Canada’s Global Ranking 

Canada’s rankings in both the U.S. News’ 10 sub-categories and the “Best For” countries list underscore its strong standing in areas of utmost importance to newcomers.

Immigrants choosing Canada as their new home seek to enhance their quality of life and provide better opportunities for their families. Consequently, Canada’s top-seven ranking in multiple categories is significant.

Notably, Canada’s high ranking in the best countries for starting a career and obtaining an education assures prospective and recent immigrants that Canada is a premier global destination for skilled professionals and international students. It’s worth highlighting that Canada’s education ranking aligns with its 7th position as a study-abroad destination.

Looking ahead, immigrants from diverse backgrounds should take note of Canada’s 7th and 2nd rankings for raising kids and racial equality, respectively. This suggests that immigrant parents can have confidence that their children will grow up in an inclusive and accepting environment, offering promising prospects.

Lastly, Canada’s 6th-place ranking as one of the world’s best countries for a comfortable retirement signifies that this nation is an ideal place to enjoy life post-career. This applies to both Canadian-born residents and immigrants, assuring them a comfortable and fulfilling retirement after years of hard work and dedication.


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