Become A Canadian Citizen If You Have Canadian Parent

Canadian parents

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Americans and others born outside Canada to the first generation may be eligible for Canadian citizenship by descent.

The government of Canada encourages these persons to apply for Proof of Citizenship. This approach is available to you regardless of your age or the status of your Canadian parent.

There is also no time limit between your parent’s departure from Canada and your application. This means that if you complete all the requirements, you can obtain Canadian citizenship even though your parent departed the country decades ago if you meet all the requirements.

The Canadian government application fee is $75 CAD. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) requires candidates to provide evidence that their biological or legal parent was a Canadian citizen at the time of their birth. IRCC recognizes documents such as birth certificates, citizenship cards, and citizenship certificates of Canadian parents.

After confirming that the submitted application is complete, IRCC will issue an “acknowledgment of receipt.” Upon approval of the application, IRCC will provide a Canadian citizenship certificate.

You may contact an expert Canadian immigration attorney for assistance with the procedure. The reputable attorney can verify that you meet all eligibility requirements and interact with the Canadian government to expedite your citizenship application.

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