College Diploma – Early Learning and Child Care

Early Learning and Child Care (ELCC) courses are based on a philosophy that children thrive in developmentally appropriate, child-centered play programs that use a problem-solving approach to guidance. Practical experience with children is an integral part of the program.

College Diploma – Environmental Technology

Keyano College’s Environmental Technology Diploma program focuses on the environmental issues and solutions related to natural resources. You’ll learn the skills that you’ll need for many industry and government environmental positions through this two-year program.

College Diploma – Animal Science Technology – Dairy

The livestock science major expands options that were available in the former animal science technology program. You have 3 student-managed team options: beef, dairy or sheep. If you want either beef or dairy, you must take that production course in your first year.

College Diploma – Animal Science Technology – Beef

In the beef science major you’ll study both commercial and purebred cow/calf operations as well as feedlots. You’ll start at calving and go through the complete production cycle. You’ll finish with beef products – one of your courses is meat science.

College Certificate – Heavy Oil Operations Technician (HOOT)

Take advantage of a unique to Lakeland program that combines power engineering with heavy oil extraction, production, operations and more. In less than year you can become a qualified 4th class power engineer. That’s an entry to jobs wherever there’s a steam power plant.

College Certificate – General Agriculture

If you’re sure about studying agriculture, but only want to commit to a year, then our general ag certificate is for you. Focus on either crop or livestock production. Whatever your choice, you’ll learn common skills for modern agricultural operations like computer training, keeping accurate business records using up-to-date and technology such as GPS.

College Diploma – Interior Design Technology

Along your two year college journey, you’ll develop practical skills such as drafting and rendering. You’ll also learn design fundamentals, history, space planning, materials, finishes and construction.

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