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The Canadian Choice Award recognizes excellence across various industries in Canada. Here’s a detailed overview of the nomination process to the final decision:

Nomination Process

Call for Nominations:

The award committee announces the opening of the nomination period through various channels such as official websites, social media, and press releases.

Eligibility Criteria:

Detailed eligibility criteria are provided, specifying the qualifications needed for nominees. This typically includes achievements, contributions to their field, and impact on the community.
Submission of Nominations:

Nominations can be submitted by individuals, organizations, or self-nominations. The submission involves filling out a nomination form that includes the nominee’s details, a description of their achievements, and supporting documents or references.
Nomination Deadline:

All nominations must be submitted by a specified deadline. Late entries are generally not considered.

Evaluation Process
Initial Screening:

The award committee conducts an initial screening to ensure all nominations meet the eligibility criteria and are complete.
Evaluation Panel:

A panel of judges, consisting of experts and industry leaders, is assembled to evaluate the nominations.
Assessment Criteria:

Nominations are assessed based on predefined criteria such as innovation, leadership, impact, and contribution to the field or community.

Based on the evaluations, a shortlist of finalists is created. These are the top candidates deemed most deserving of the award.

Final Decision
Final Review:

The shortlisted candidates undergo a final review, which may include interviews, site visits, or additional information requests.
Judges’ Meeting:

The panel of judges convenes to discuss the finalists and make the final decision. The decision-making process is thorough, ensuring fairness and transparency.
Selection of Winners:

Winners are selected based on the judges’ scores and deliberations. There may be one or multiple winners depending on the award category.

Announcement and Award Ceremony

Winners are privately notified of their selection before the public announcement.

Public Announcement

The winners are publicly announced through a press release and on the official website.

Award Ceremony

An award ceremony is held to honor the winners. This event includes the presentation of trophies, certificates, or other forms of recognition.

Media Coverage:

The achievements of the winners are highlighted in various media outlets to recognize their contributions further and inspire others.


Some awards include follow-up initiatives such as mentorship programs, networking events, or further opportunities for the winners to contribute to their field or community.
This structured process ensures that the Canadian Choice Award maintains its prestige and continues to recognize truly deserving individuals and organizations.

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