How to score your best in IELTS? Let’s find out the journey to an 8 band score.


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To get a great score of above 8, in listening and reading you need to get 89% of the imprints. Since IELTS reading and listening have 40 inquiries each, to get band 8 you need to at any rate answer a day and a half of each.

While in IELTS speaking and writing the performance isn’t estimated exclusively by taking a gander at the scores that you get, however, there are sure descriptors in every one of the areas and the test taker should meet the prerequisites of these descriptors.

There are not many things in each part which the test taker needs to comprehend, to get an 8 band score in the IELTS examination. How about we go through each segment individually:


  • Forget about tips and tricks: You can go through the tips deceives given to accomplish a great score. In any case, completely relying upon it isn’t at all acceptable. Rather than investing your energy just zeroing in on tips and deceives, you can use that opportunity to read for the IELTS test.
  • Listen to English daily: This is the main point since when you listen to specific things, over and over, you will want to snatch them effectively and it additionally improves you. On the off chance that you listen to the English language every day, you will want to comprehend the various accents.
  • Listen actively: Since in the listening test the sound is played just one, you need to give your full fixation and ought to have the option to comprehend the various accents also. Listening cautiously will improve your grammar and pronunciation, which are vital in the IELTS test.
  • Draft a strategy: To have an ideal answer, you should have a fitting system or a design that you need to follow. By having a legitimate procedure you will want to take the IELTS test with certainty and you will realize how the means are to be followed consistently.
  • Practice: Practice is the lone thing that assists you with getting your alluring band score. You need to rehearse until you become completely positive about your language. Ensure you utilize all the training papers while rehearsing for the IELTS test and set the time precisely as the time set for the real test.


  • Great reading skills: You need to read a ton of books, magazines, diaries, and papers so you have improved your English. For this, you need to centre on improving your language structure and jargon, attempt to know the connection between two sentences that are given.
  • The questions have the answers in them: This implies assuming you comprehend the inquiry well overall, it will be simpler to answer that specific inquiry. It is smarter to go through the content and the inquiries, before really writing the answer, you should allow yourself 5 minutes, to start with, to get ready for the answer.
  • Know of the difference: You should comprehend the contrast between skimming and checking in the reading test. Skimming implies going through the content rapidly and getting an outline of something very similar. Checking implies taking the keywords which you feel are significant and clarifying them exhaustively. If you have these two abilities you will want to effortlessly deal with the time just as score well in the IELTS exam.
  • Not more than a minute on a question: If you can’t comprehend which answer to be kept in touch with a specific question. Try not to burn through a lot of your time, jump to the following question. It is essential to deal with your time well.
  • Study topic-related vocabulary: If you have polished a ton of reading tests, you may run over the themes which are rehashing and alongside that the vocabularies likewise rehash. Investing energy in these is never squandered because if a similar subject comes in the exam, you will be solid for it.


  • Task response: The thoughts that you need to clarify in your article should be understandable by the examiner. If the test taker is superb in English and can clarify the thoughts exhaustively he will get band 8 in the exam and you ought to write an exposition of at any rate 150 words for task 1 and 250 words for task 2.
  • Cohesion and coherence: In this models, the examiner will expect the answer which is effectively readable and you ought to have the option to offer an ideal response. Alongside that a portion of the connectors are not generally utilized by anybody and a section with the one of a kind substance should be there to get a remarkable score.
  • Lexical resource: You need to consider the wide scope of jargon that the examiner expects, he will anticipate that you should utilize significant level words. But it can be a waste if you know the words but don’t know the correct meaning and where to use them.
  • Linguistic accuracy and range: You need to ensure that you don’t make any significant blunders while writing the exposition, making minor mistakes is fine. The examiner additionally checks whether the syntax utilized in the sentence outlined is proper, to score an 8 band score the language that you utilize should be magnificent and the sentence should look novel.


  • Coherence and fluency: In the speaking test, you ought to have the option to speak unquestionably decisively. Primarily, the familiarity of the test taker with the English language is estimated, and assuming the test taker can speak English fluidly without stammering, he will have an odds of getting a great score.
  • Lexical resource: The examiner anticipates that you should utilize some mind-boggling words while clarifying the circumstance and alongside that you ought to have the option to clarify the importance of the intricate words that are utilized, the examiner might be intrigued on the off chance that you use figures of speech while speaking and clarify the first sign of that.
  • Grammatical accuracy and range: Here the examiner will check if the speaking is in an organized manner. If you are not that incredible in the English language while writing you will want to oversee however while speaking it gets trying for non-local speakers to speak easily.
  • Pronunciation: If the up-and-comer speaks ceaselessly and easily with no endeavours from the examiner and if the test taker can articulate every one of the unpredictable words during the test, he has high odds of getting a high band score.

Best of luck!

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