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Canada PR

Do you think Express Entry is the speediest course to move to Canada? How about we tell you a way to get an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canadian Permanent Residency (PR) within 3 months? Yes, through a Provincial Nominee Program!

Even though Canada’s Express Entry framework is and has been quite possibly the most well-known approaches to move to Canada for more than five years, it surely doesn’t win the honour for the speediest processing times. There’s another competitor around and it’s the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BCPNP).

Read on as we answer all of your questions like, “How Do I Apply?” and “What’s so extraordinary about BC?”.

How Might I Get PR in Canada Through the BCPNP? 

The initial step to getting that always desired ITA for residency in Canada is to discover the program that best suits you. The British Columbia PNP is one of the quickest approaches to move to Canada. Is it ideal for you? Do you qualify?

Who is Eligible for Canadian PR under a PNP? 

Canada’s migration is pointed toward assisting outsiders with the correct capacities, training, and work experience who can help support the economy, discover their way to Canada. The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is a path for provincial and regional governments to choose skilled workers dependent on the individual requirements of their economies and foundation.

To be viewed as qualified for Canadian PR through a PNP you would be permissible to Canada just as meet the prerequisites of your picked province’s PNP. For an invite within 3 months, we’ll be investigating British Columbia’s PNP.

Instructions to Apply for Canadian Permanent Residence in British Columbia 

The initial step to any fruitful visa application is to ensure that you meet all requirements for the program you need to apply for. There are four classifications under the BCPNP that you can browse however just three of them could get you an invite in less than three months – BC Express Entry, BC Skills Immigration and BC Tech Pilot.

  1. BC Express Entry

The prerequisites to fit the bill for BC Express Entry to Canada is easy; ensure that you meet all requirements for one of the three projects overseen by the Express Entry framework – The Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP); The Federal Skilled Trade Program (FSTP); or the Canada Experience Class (CEC). You have to meet all requirements for one of four streams under BC Express Entry:

  1. Express Entry Skilled Worker Program
  2. Express Entry International Graduate Program
  3. Express Entry PNP International Post-Graduate Program
  4. Express Entry PNP Healthcare Professional Program

You will require an Express Entry profile to qualify and an employment offer, language capability in English or potentially French, adequate settlement reserves and may require work insight if you apply through the Healthcare Professional program.

How to Apply?

There are two different ways to apply. The first is straightforwardly through the Express Entry framework. Whenever you make a profile, you would have to pick British Columbia as your preferred province. This interaction for this course anyway could take around a half year.

The subsequent choice is to apply straightforwardly through the BC Online Registration Portal and cut your preparing times down the middle.

  1. BC Skills Immigration

To go for the BC Skills Immigration classification you should choose and watch that you meet the necessities of one of the five streams beneath:

  1. Talented Worker Stream
  2. Medical services Professional Stream
  3. Global Graduate Stream
  4. Global Post-Graduate Stream
  5. Passage Level and Semi-Skilled Stream

To fit the bill for the Entry Level and Semi-skilled Stream you will require an employment offer in hospitality/tourism, food processing or long-haul trucking, meet the minimum language, settlement fund and education requirements and have 9 months of experience in BC.

Make sure to get quicker preparing by applying straightforwardly through the BC PNP Online Registration entryway to try not to longer deal with times using the PNP paper application measure, which could require as long as 19 months to process.

How to Apply?

If you are applying by the Entry Level, Semi-Skilledor Skilled Worker or International Graduate streams, you should enroll through the BC Skills Immigration System (SIRS). It is a points-based framework that permits the BC government to get to and assess your proposition for employment, language potential, pay, training and where you are in British Columbia.

You will at that point get an enrollment score and like the Express Entry, the most noteworthy scoring candidates will get ITAs.

  1. BC Tech Pilot

Calling all IT experts! British Columbia is one of Canada’s tech centres with bunches of chances for experienced tech experts looking for climbing the profession stepping stool in their field.

If you have a job offer, for a minimum of one year, in BC under one of the accompanying 29 qualified occupations, have a minimum of 2 years of experience, and meet the language, schooling and settlement fund prerequisites you could get an invitation to apply for PR in one of the “weekly tech draws”. Since tech experts are in such popularity in British Columbia, your application could be prepared considerably speedier than others through the Online Portal!

How Do I Apply? 

This is maybe the easiest and quickest application to move to Canada through the BCPNP. Register through the BC Online Portal and hang tight for the weekly tech draw results. If you have browsed the draw pool, you will get an ITA for PR. You need to acknowledge inside 30 days and once assessed you could get a PN which you should submit to the IRCC when you apply for permanent residence in Canada.

Why British Columbia? 

When it comes to BC, you can anticipate a great living that you could hope to appreciate anywhere else in Canada, including brilliant medical care, high wages and work benefits and also a rich culture with ethnic variety is perhaps the most secure province in Canada.It is home to eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites, seven wonderful public parks, and perhaps the best spot to go skiing, Whistler Blackcomb Ski Resort.

Keen on making British Columbia your new home? Allow us to assist you with deciding if you’re qualified for Canadian PR and track down the most ideal approach for you to take your first step to Canada.

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