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Tips to Improve Your Canadian Citizenship Application

Tips to Improve Your Canadian Citizenship

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In terms of immigration destinations, Canada shines on multiple fronts, including its integrated immigration system, liberal political position, and inclusive society.

It is therefore not surprising that the number of people gaining Canadian citizenship increases annually. If this is your goal, you’ll need to ensure that you’ve met the requirements outlined in your Canadian Citizenship Application.

If you are still in the beginning phases of your Canadian experience and are interested in obtaining PR or researching possibilities for yourself and your family, you can find additional information here.

In Canadian immigration news earlier this year, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada stated that the country exceeded its citizenship goals.

During the era, more than 210,000 people became Canadian citizens. If this does not inspire you to become a full-fledged Canuck, here is a reminder of why you should become a Canadian citizen.

Here are suggestions for enhancing your application for Canadian citizenship.

Live in Canada for 5 Years

To be eligible to apply for citizenship, you must have been a permanent resident for at least three out of five years. This relates to the time spent physically residing in Canada, not as a tourist. Therefore, only apply to having spent over 1,095 days in the north.

Additional days spent in the country will boost your application. Be careful that Canadian Immigration can investigate any extended stay abroad. We recommend maintaining a travel log to record the overall time spent in and out of Canada.

Secure a Job

A valid job can considerably improve your prospects of being granted Canadian citizenship. You will be regarded as a legitimate contributor to the economy with existing ties to the country, which will certainly improve your profile and reputation.

Maintain a Clean Record

Canada is regarded not only for having the friendliest citizens but also for having residents who take the law seriously. It is therefore not surprising that the GPI (Global Peace Index) ranked it among the top 10 most peaceful countries in the world.

If you want your application to be successful, you must be law-abiding in all aspects of your life. But what exactly does that mean? Even if you have not committed a serious crime, such as violence or robbery, you could be denied entrance into Canada for offenses such as unpaid traffic fines, child support payments, etc.

Enhance Your Language Skills

As you may already be aware, the official languages of Canada are English and French. The immigration office will evaluate your application based on your proficiency in either of these languages while reviewing your profile.

File Your Taxes

You can also improve your application by assuring your tax compliance. Before enrolling for Canadian citizenship, you need to submit your tax returns for the relevant tax year if you have lived in the country for three to five years.

Remember that the Canadian immigration office will evaluate your tax documents to ensure no outstanding tax records are associated with your profile.

Educate Yourself On Canadian History

Becoming a Canadian includes gaining as much knowledge about the country as possible. You will be required to take a citizenship test to assess your understanding of all matters relevant to Canada.

However, it is not only about the country’s history. You must demonstrate a comprehensive awareness of your Canadian citizenship rights and duties.

The test will be held for a half-hour in either French or English. There will be twenty multiple-choice questions in the exam. You must score at least 15 proper answers to be considered successful.

Keep Updated with Latest Immigration News

Keeping up-to-date with a particular newsfeed is necessary if you wish to be informed on matters that may affect your immigration to Canada because the immigration landscape is constantly changing.


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