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Our Immigration Expert

Harpreet Kaur

Harpreet has successfully processed cases in all categories and even she has successfully dealt with previously refused applications and other complicated cases. From 2012 to the present, she serves her clients and communities with knowledge, experience and works ethics.

Harpreet Kaur is an experienced Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) and the founder of CAN Pathways Immigration Consultancy based in Calgary, Canada.

She is an active member of the Immigration Consultant of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC).She is a former Health Care Professional (B.Sc.) with diverse international education and work experience.


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Go to the ATIP homepage at and select your preferred language (English or French). You can skip through the “Top questions” section and go straight to the bottom and click the “Next” button.


This will take you to the “Privacy Notice” where after acknowledging you have read and understood the privacy notice by checking the check box, you will then click “Continue”.


Next, select the Department where you wish to submit an ATIP request. You will want to select “Citizenship and Immigration Canada”.


On the second line, you must indicate whether you are a Canadian Citizen, Permanent Resident, Individual/corporation currently present in Canada or None of the above. Please choose the correct selection for your situation. If you choose “none of the above”, you will not be able to submit the request.


Enter in your full legal name, phone number and current address. Please note that a fax number is optional, however we recommend that you fill in this section if you have one.


On the next line, it asks for an email address. Please be sure to enter a valid email address as this is often how the visa office file notes are delivered. On larger files, they may need to send a CD, which is sent to your mailing address.


Next you are asked to select the category you fit within. This is not mandatory, so you may skip this section. However, if you want to provide this information to the government for statistical purposes, I indicate “Business (Private Sector)”; however, you would likely select “Member of the Public”. You can suggest the best method for receiving the information; however, if the file is too large, they will send it in a CD format regardless of the preference you selected. Once this has been completed, click “Continue”.


On the next page you will be prompted to answer whether you would like to make a request under the Privacy OR Access to Information Act. When requesting visa office notes, you are doing so under the Access to Information Act, so choose this option. You will then be asked the type of record you wish to request. Select “Case Files” and then complete the requested file information. In order to ensure complete accuracy, I would take this information from the visa office refusal letter. I have set out below a sample letter which lists the pertinent information you will need to fill in. I have blocked out certain sections for privacy reasons. Although not mandatory, you will also be asked to provide the person’s Client ID number which is also known as a Unique Client Identifier (UCI) number. I highly recommend that you include this number if known.


Once you have completed the basic file tracking information, you will be asked what type of information you would like to request. Although it may take a little longer, I routinely request the “Physical File” so that I am able to obtain the complete picture. At times there is important information related to the refusal that is not contained within the “Notes in the Electronic File”. Once you have selected “Physical File”, you will then choose the “File Type”. Simply select the option that pertains to your refusal. For any work permit, study permit, or visitor visa application, you would request “Immigration File: temporary residence”. You are then prompted to insert the “File Number”. This is critical, because without it, you can not make the request. The “File Number” or “Application no.” can be found on the top right of most refusal letters.


You will also note that there is an open fillable field at the end of this page where you can provide any information that may help an officer to know what exactly you are looking for. However, I often don’t worry to much about this because if you are requesting the entire “Physical File”, then you should receive everything anyways. If you would like to insert a specific request, you could include something like: “Please provide all notes on file pertaining to the application identified above”. TIP: If this is a sponsorship application, get a consent form signed from every party otherwise CIC may redact critical information from the file for privacy reasons. Next, click “Continue”.


We have reached the final stages of the ATIP request. This next page is where you upload your documents and consent form (if applicable). Please note that if you are requesting an ATIP on behalf of someone else, it is mandatory that you upload the consent form (IMM5477: Consent for an Access to Information and Personal Information Request). TIP: If you have multiple consent forms, you can simply click the “Add” button and a new field will open up to upload a second or third consent form. Make sure that the documents you upload fit within the file format parameters set by IRCC. Any additional documents are to be uploaded within the “Other Documents (optional)” section. TIP: Although other information is not required, we recommend that you also upload a copy of the refusal letter for good measure.


You will need to review all of the information you have entered and pay the processing fee. Be sure to review the information you have entered thoroughly as mistakes could result in the refusal of the ATIP or delayed processing times. You have the option to modify each section. If you find a field you wish to modify, simply click the blue “Modify” button and you will be taken back to the original page in which you entered it. Be sure to save your changes. TIP: We recommend printing this page for your records. If something goes awry down the line you will have proof of the submitted ATIP and will be able to make a case to CIC if necessary. If you have reviewed all your answers and are satisfied, check off the “Certification” box at the bottom of the page and click “Continue”.


The last step is to pay the processing fee. The fee for an ATIP is $5.00 CAD. The only accepted method of payment for the online application is credit card. After you have entered in your payment information and have submitted it your transaction will be processed and a receipt will automatically be generated. Be sure to keep a copy of this receipt as well for your records.

Selection Factors

The FSWP’s selection factors are listed below. Click on each factor to learn more:

EducationUp to 25 points
Language SkillsUp to 28 points
Work ExperienceUp to 15 points
AgeUp to 12 points
Arranged EmploymentUp to 10 points
AdaptabilityUp to 10 points

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