Nursing-Health Care

Bachelor of Science – Nursing

You’ll receive clinical nursing experience in community and institutional settings each term. In addition to working days, you may be required to work some evening, night and weekend shifts in the clinical settings.

College Diploma – Social Work

Our two-year Social Work Diploma program prepares you for a career as a social work practitioner. Alberta Advanced Education and Technology has approved this program and it is accredited with the Alberta College of Social Workers.

College Diploma – Practical Nurse

Our two-year Practical Nurse program prepares you for a career in high-quality nursing care in a variety of settings. Practical nurses work cooperatively with other health care professionals to promote and restore wellness with patients and the community.

College Diploma – Early Learning and Child Care

The Early Learning and Child Care Diploma is an upward step from our ELCC Certificate program and provides students with the knowledge, skills and competencies to pursue professional, supervisory positions in childcare. Study involves an ongoing forum of networking with other experienced early childhood professionals and projects tailored to students’ specific interests and requirements.

College Certificate – Continuing Care Assistant

The program consists of theory courses, lab skills, and clinical placements in special care facilities and home care. Students learn to work with disabled, recovering, chronically and terminally ill people, providing assistance with essential activities of daily living.

College Diploma – Early Learning and Child Care

The objective of the Early Learning and Child Care (ELCC) program is to meet the needs identified by the community for the educational preparation of early childhood educators. Throughout the program, students learn to assist children in all areas of growth and development.

Associate of Science – Biology

Get hands-on experience learning how living beings function, evolve and interact with each other, as you gain a deeper understanding of our world’s biospheres.

Associate of Science – Biochemistry

Take this program if you’re fascinated by living organisms and how their biological molecules contribute to the functioning of their entire beings. Take this program if you’re fascinated by life in general and want to understand its complex scientific inner workings and play an active role in discovering more about living beings’ interconnectedness.

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