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Perks Of Getting A Canadian Passport

Perks Of Getting A Canadian Passport

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The most recent Global Passport Ranking study places Canada in a tie for eighth place with Australia, Greece, Malta, and the Czech Republic. The company evaluates passports based on the number of countries citizens may travel to without a visa.

According to the research, Canadian passport holders have visa-free access to 185 countries. The company ranks Japanese passports as the best in the world, with access to 193 countries. Singapore and South Korea tied for second with 192 points each. Afghanistan’s passport, which only enables visa-free entrance to 27 countries, received the lowest score on the study.

When traveling, Canadian passports make a difference.

Once you have a valid passport, you are free to enter and exit Canada without restrictions, permits, or visas. However, only Canadian citizens are issued passports. Permanent residents and individuals with temporary status cannot obtain a passport.

Obtaining a Canadian passport does not need to relinquish your present passport. As a dual citizen, Canada permits you to hold several passports; if your home country also permits multiple passports, you can hold as many as your home country permits.

Become a citizen

To obtain a Canadian passport, one must be a citizen of Canada. There are multiple processes required to obtain citizenship.

  • Be a permanent resident
  • Meet Canada’s physical presence requirements
  • Submitted your taxes, if required
  • Pass a citizenship test for Canada
  • Prove your language talents

Regardless of how you got permanent residency, you must demonstrate that you have spent the equivalent of three out of the previous five years (1,095 days) physically in Canada. In essence, it takes at least three years to become a citizen of Canada.

Application Process Of Passport

To be eligible to apply after obtaining citizenship, you must wait until after the ceremony and receipt of your certificate. Every Canadian is eligible to apply, and it is exceedingly uncommon to be declared ineligible.

This is only possible if your citizenship is revoked owing to misrepresentation on your application, security concerns, human or international rights abuses, or organized crime.

Applying for a Canadian passport is uncomplicated if you have all the required documents. You must submit the original of your citizenship certificate with your application since it is one of the essential papers. Even those born in Canada must provide a birth certificate as evidence of citizenship.

In addition to your application, you must also submit the following:

  • Any legal Canadian passport or other travel document  issued to you is sufficient evidence of your identity
  • two passport photographs
  • The Canadian government allows you to submit your documents via mail or in person at a passport office.

Processing time

Canadians currently have a strong demand for new passports and passport renewals. This is because epidemic-based travel restrictions are being lifted worldwide, making it easier to travel overseas for vacation or to reconnect with relatives.

The Canadian government has just launched a tracking tool for processing timeframes, indicating that it can take between two and thirteen weeks to process an application, plus postage time for individuals who choose to mail their application.

If you want to travel outside Canada shortly, you must begin the application process as soon as possible.

Other benefits

There are several advantages to becoming a citizen and receiving a passport, which is chosen by more than 80 percent of permanent residents in Canada.

Once you get a passport, you are a Canadian citizen with the same rights and liberties as every other citizen. For instance, you can vote in elections and find it simpler to get employment, as some jobs in Canada are reserved for permanent residents.

One of the most significant benefits of becoming a resident is that you no longer need to renew your status regularly.

Permanent residents who desire to remain in Canada must renew their identity with IRCC every five years. This eliminates the need to pay fees, submit applications, or request extensions from Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

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