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How To Get Proof Of Canadian Citizenship? Check Here!

How To Get Proof Of Canadian Citizenship

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You can apply for evidence of citizenship regardless of where you were born or if your parent was a first-generation Canada resident at the time of your birth.

Proof of citizenship is a standard document provided by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) that offers conclusive evidence of Canadian citizenship.

Eligibility Criteria

It is vital to remember that Canadian citizenship by descent is only available to the first generation. You might be eligible if your parent was a resident by birth or citizenship at the time.

However, if your parent obtained citizenship by descent and you were born outside of Canada, they cannot pass on Canadian citizenship.

You can enroll for a Canadian citizenship certificate at any time. You may also apply regardless of whether or not your Canadian parent is living.

Note that children adopted by a Canadian after birth must acquire Canadian citizenship. They are not entitled to apply for a certificate of Canadian citizenship.

Procedure for Applying for a Canadian Citizenship Certificate

You must obtain the application package from IRCC’s website for a Canadian citizenship certificate.

IRCC requires candidates to demonstrate that their biological or legalized parent was a Canadian resident at the time of their birth. IRCC encounters documents like birth certificates, citizenship certificates of Canadian parents, and citizenship cards.

After verifying that the submitted application is complete, IRCC will offer an “acknowledgment of receipt.” After confirmation of the application, IRCC will provide a Canadian citizenship certificate.

On IRCC’s website, you can check the processing status of your application. Sometimes longer processing times are required for complex files. IRCC offers an option for expedited processing in exceptional circumstances.

This option provides individuals with a streamlined and accelerated path if they need to access benefits such as healthcare, a social insurance number, a job, or to travel to or from Canada in an emergency.

The Canadian government application charge is $75 CAD. You can contact a professional Canadian immigration attorney for assistance with the procedure. A lawyer can verify that you meet all qualifying requirements and contact the Canadian government to expedite your citizenship.
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