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The Impact of COVID- 19 on Travel to Canada

Impact of COVID-19

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Since the beginning of the year, the whole world has experienced the impact of COVID-19 one way or another; from global meltdown affecting businesses, and totally disrupt in traveling plans to other International countries (Including tourists, Immigrants, and foreign students). Countries have imposed a travel ban on people traveling to other countries with high cases of COVID-19, or visitors coming to other countries.

In order to control the spread of Corona-virus, the Canadian government has regulated unnecessary travels within and outside the country. This move has raised questions among foreign nationals most especially students about their chances or possibility of getting into the country has the pandemic is ongoing.

Foreign students and local Canadians issued a study permit are excluded from travel restriction with some terms and conditions in place for them to follow. These steps can be emotionally tasking as lots of foreign students with families far away from them, lacks the emotional and moral support necessary to pull through the experiences. However, lots of universities and colleges have programs in place to help support foreign students in need of any; such as mental health materials, bursary availability, defer on rent for foreign students living on campus.

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Adhering to rules and regulations like; pass test, social distance and quarantine

  • When going by flight, you are expected to pass a health test conducted by the airlines before coming on board.
  • When you exhibit symptoms related to COVID-19, you would be restricted from entering Canada by air.
  • When you get to Canada, you are expected to self-isolate for two weeks; and as well practice social distancing by reducing close contact with people when in the public, or open space. These steps were put in place to reduce the spread of the novel Corona-virus. Quarantine at available centers, when you suspect that you have been exposed to the virus.

Accommodation challenge

To reduce the spread of the virus, most universities and colleges encouraged foreign students to stay on campus to leave their residence to curb the spread of Corona-virus. 

Uninterrupted academic sessions

To ensure term continuity; all courses and classes have been moved online. Digital classes are a good way to ensure both local and foreign students are not affected by contracting corona-virus and as well have the year program run smoothly. Also, universities and colleges provide accommodation for foreign students that were supposed to start a new session in Canada but couldn’t travel due to border closures.

CAN Pathways Immigration consultancy is regularly following global guidelines on health and traveling to limit the spread of corona-virus and also practice them. We are determined to provide “our clients” the best immigration services as the government and the whole world find a way to end the pandemic.

We offer the best technology and internet security to ensure uninterrupted services to immigrant and returning students even as we take precautionary measures to fight COVID-19.


With the rate at which COVID-19 has impacted the world, there are possibilities of gradual changes in government policies around Immigration procedures and International travels. For easy procedures, reliable and legal services, you should contact CAN Pathways Immigration consultancy.

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